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I need some help!!!

We will travel to London for Christmas and I really want to bring one of my 3 favorite watches of mine. But everywhere on the internet you can read ab...

Didn’t know I would buy this today.

Today I bought one of my grail watches. The Tudor Pelagos 39. This is my first „luxury“ watch I bought brand new at an actual AD. It’s a small store i...

Best Birthday gift ever!

My girlfriend gave me this Hamilton Khaki Field Bronze for my birthday today! Love the looks and the quality! The leather NATO strap feels amazing!

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Thank you 👍

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Thanks 🙏

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Thank you 🙏

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Army Reconnaissance if that’s the correct term 😅

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It’s from Crown and Buckle.

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No it’s 100% true. The hands definitely have less lume but I think they still have plenty. But you can see a clear difference. Hope this helps.

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Thank you too!

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Pelagos 39 or Pelagos FXD Black

As some of you may know, I am in the German army. In my last post I asked you guys what could be the perfect watch for me. Some of you guys recommended the Tudor Pelagos. So I did some research and I...
90 votes ·

Bought a new watch!

I bought a new watch yesterday! The Seiko 5 Automatic SRPK31! First impressions: It feels small but it fits my small wrist. Amazing quality, but the b...

Best watches for active military service?

I am an active member of the German army and I am collecting watches but I want to wear the watches wich I am collecting. So I need some recommendatio...

What do you think about this strap?

This is the strap I wear on a daily basis on my Speedmaster First Omega in Space. It was 13$ on Amazon. Do you like the looks or do you think it looks...

The perfect Allrounder! What is yours?

The Speedmaster: Perfect Allrounder? For me my Speedmaster is the perfect everyday carry watch for every scenario. Sporty with a metal bracelet oder c...

Cheap Straps on expensive watches?

When you buy an expensive watch [>3000$], is it okay to put it on a cheap aftermarket strap from Amazon for example?