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New Strap Alert, OEM Seiko Dive Strap

My Seiko STBR025 is a JDM only release that I bought off of someone on watchuseek forums. I suspect the model was either targeted at ladies, or Seiko...

NSA: Barton Elite Silicone Strap on Cartier Tank

Continuing to mess about with my Tank to see if I can make it more sporty and casual. New strap arrived. Barton elite silicone are okay straps - they'...

SOTC. I'm bored. What watch should I buy next?

My attempt at an SOTC shot that isn't just a blurry photo of a watch box. Daniel Wellington Burger King happy meal watch Timex IronMan Zodiac Seadrago...

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commented on New 1940’s Breitling ·

That's a very sporty design for the 40s

commented on What about watches you don’t like? ·

It's a gorgeous watch, classic in every way, keep it

Don't think too much about why you bought the watch just wear it and enjoy it

commented on Do you get paranoid when wearing an expensive watch outdoors? ·

neither, I don't buy watches I'm not willing to beat to dust

precautions? I don't want to be afraid of living my life

commented on Heading to Alaska ! ·

Good time of year to go, tell the mosquitos i said hi

commented on Single pass canvas nato straps for my Khaki? ·

No reason to do it, just get a two piece canvas strap. Same look, no bulk. Get it with quick release for strap changes if you're the type who's afraid of a spring bar tool scratching your watch

commented on SCURFA top side crew is the ONE! ·

scurfa makes cool stuff, love the legit diving creds of the founder too

commented on Tag releases New Aquaracers and they look great! ·

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Tag trying to copy the seamaster 300m diver?

what other 300m dive watch with a date at 6 and a edgy (scalloped?) bezel has a wave dial, hmmmmmmmm

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New strapcode Super Engineer II Bracelet

I think it looks good. I think the bracelet is heavier than the watch though 🤣

Prx 35mm macro

Inspired by @GoQuartzYourself I wanted to try to take some macro shots of my watch using my potato camera on my phone They make the watch crystal look...

Seiko SBTR Lowercase Ninja Tuna Solar Quartz

Some of you may remember my 90 page essay from two weeks ago about my regret selling my Seiko SBDB009 marine master spring drive tuna 600m dive watch...

Seiko Ninja Tuna Showdown

Which of these two Seiko all-black "ninja tuna" style watches would you rather own. SBBN035: ~700 USD on ebay, 48mm diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 14.7mm thick, weighs 124g. Conventional 5 year battery li...
62 votes ·

Just because you can put a dress watch on a parachute strap...

Doesn't mean you should 😂😂

On Watch Selling Regret

(Warning: this post is a long one. tl;dr: C.R.E.A.M, dolla dolla bill ya'll) I woke up today missing my Seiko Marinemaster SBDB009 Spring Drive Tuna,...