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? For Watchmakers and Assemblers...

Hey there folks! This is a question for all the makers and watch builders out there. I'm putting together another gift watch using an NH34 movement an...

Custom Build Graduation Gift...

My stepson is graduating high-school in a couple months. This one is a custom build for his graduation gift. He's a lefty, so this is a left handed di...

Crystal Press Recommendations

Looking for a press that can do bezels and crystals. It seems certain designs are good for closing case backs and bad for crystals and vice versa. Any...

Ichi Builds… “Left Over Parts”… aka “The Kitchen Sink”

Been busy building lately and as I build some watches I get to accrue extra parts soooo here it is…I know not all folks are a fan of certain applied l...

NH34 Movement Partial Disassembly Shots!!

I have to thank @Mr.Santana for making me be brave to disassemble this nh34 … as I wanted to help him also kinda helped myself since the stem crown br...

The right tools for the job!!

Just a short PSA!! The Right tools makes a build or Mod makes the hobby more fun and less headaches!! Example one… I tried removing a cyclops on a sap...

Nh35 build

Assembled my first watch today.  Not to bad if I say so myself. Automatic nh35a movement, sapphire crystal with pearl white dial. 

Building A Watch

A few months ago, I discovered   watch modding. After doing a bit of research and watching some videos I really wanted to make my own build. Since I a...

Latest Watch Build

Here’s my latest watch build, for one of my dad‘s friends who is also a collector. It utilises the Seiko NH35 movement, and I sourced all the parts fr...

Which dial

I need to do an order for a commissioned build and want to add on a dial for myself. Which would you choose?
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