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Certina DS4 small seconds review

I picked this Certina up a couple months ago in a trade for my RZE Fortitude. So far I've been impressed with it. While it is on the dressy side it do...

Certina Ds4

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Watch match game

Let's play a game. The rules are simple using the last watch posted say which character book, film, television is most likely to match it. After you a...
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NWA, traded for a Glycine

So despite a lot of views on my listing for my trendy nautilus mod I want having any luck so I traded it to a local for this one. I'm not sure if it's...
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Fiatjeepdriver commented on And now, for something completely different... ·

Looks great! 

Fiatjeepdriver commented on White Elephant Watches? ·

I saw this lovely piece of horological significance at CVS...

Fiatjeepdriver commented on [Steinhart Ocean One 39] Keep it or sell it? ·

I have the same watch and while I'm sure I won't have it forever there's no plan to sell it.   Ifyou like the looks and how it wears keep it.

Fiatjeepdriver commented on Watch match game ·

Kevin Malone


Unless it's pies we know math isn't one of his strengths...

Fiatjeepdriver commented on Watch for kids? ·

I got my 3 year old a casio lrw200 and changed the band to velcro.  Obviously he can't tell time yet but he likes the bezel and that he has a watch like dad's. 

Fiatjeepdriver commented on First watch build ·

Nice build!

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Ball Fireman Nightbreaker review

I'm going to start with a preface, this is my favorite watch in my collection so I might not be as impartial as I should be. Now that I've had this wa...

BALL Fireman nightbreaker

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Another new build

I ordered a couple dials from Watch.Noted recently and here's the first one. It's in a 39mm grand seiko style case from Lucius Atelier, a handset I go...
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I'm a sellout. Aka my latest build

So decided to deviate from my normal style and go for a trendy build with the plan on selling it for the holidays. I think it turned out nice but it d...
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Autumn watch photography

Let's see your autumn watch photos. Photo of the creek in my neighborhood for interest.
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Citizen Tough review

If you want a go anywhere, do anything watch this might be the best one for you. The Promaster Tough is a 42mm stainless steel case with a special har...

Citizen Promaster Tough BN0211-50E

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Casio Edifice review

I've had this watch for a little over a month now. It was a bit of an impulse purchase mainly due to the brushed dial and overall look of the watch. T...

Casio Edifice EFB-108D

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Let's see your watches with red second hands.

I was noticing I have several watches with red second hand and it got me wondering what everyone else has. Here are mine, not counting red tipped ones...
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