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A few more builds

First is a trio of ultra thin NH35 watches (sub 10mm) Upgraded SKX007 with nh36 and sapphire crystal Deep-sea style seiko build Chrono that was ordere...

TimeSet (tm) pre-Kickstarter sneak peek.

I've kept this pretty quiet but I can't wait. Do you have a watch that you love but because of the dial design you have to wait until it lands on a 5...

This year's April Fools build

So last year I did my JustDate And this year I went with a watch that turned out a lot better than expected. I thought the 9 o'clock crown and 11 o'cl...

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commented on Which of the 3 Japanese Giants do you prefer in general??

As much as I like seikos and use a ton of their movements I think citizen is generally better with some exceptions.

commented on Fiatjeepdriver's WRUW

It's a personal build I did. I had the dial made a couple years ago but decided to paint it and build it back up again.

Here's Leszek's Instagram where I had the dial made.

commented on CrunchTrek - Week 4 Epilogue - Far From Home

Great show Novaform, good luck.

commented on WatchCrunch's new video just made me jump out of my seat

I had the adventure 39 (black dial). I really liked the watch but would have preferred a flat crystal or a lot more AR coating.

commented on A few more builds

A couple years ago I did a birch dial build that is definitely closer to your build.

commented on CrunchTrek - Week 4 - Ship Battle & 5 Watches to Take Control

Thanks and just react to this main post. This week's main challenge is to see who can get the most emoji reactions to our 5 watch collection.

commented on CrunchTrek - Week 4 - Ship Battle & 5 Watches to Take Control


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Some recent builds

This one started out as a Srpd59 and changed up basically everything. This is a skx013 mod case with a 3 o'clock crown. The guy who got it calls it hi...

My builds, part who knows

I wasn't overly busy in January but I thought I'd share what I did. This was last night's project, really like how it turned out. Snk381 mod for a fri...

Mod of the day!

Thought is share getting mod of the day again! This one was a bit of a spare parts build but I really liked how it turned out.

Snow Globe hydromod Christmas watch

So I had this idea a couple months ago and had to wait until we were close to Christmas to post it. This is a fifty fathoms case from CincoMentes mean...

What I've been building lately

Since it's been a month or so since my last update here's what I've built.

Timex reissue

Apologies if this has been posted already but the new timex looks great. Honestly for affordable watches they've been killing lately.