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My current batch March 2024 😬

My collection getting its monthly winding.

Wifey wifey

Can you relate ?

$50 charity fun quiz.

Who knows what model this is? What movie was it famous for being in?(hint,different color dial) Which rapper was once seen wearing this in the 90s? If...

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commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·

Hi bro.this site won’t let me contribute as my address is outside of usa .do you have any alternative?

commented on Fatherhood and heirlooms ·

The Whorologist,Mo Patel once said :

"You never actually own a wrist watch collexione. You merely look after it for the next generation”!

Patek Patel 17/04/24

commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·

I await your charity of choice details.

commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·

Slam dunk for you.too easy,but it’s charity so I’m not perturbed

commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·
commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·

Congratulations let’s get your charities details

commented on $50 charity fun quiz. ·

I’ll give you a small clue,Michael Jackson has a small part to play in this quiz.

That’s all I’m saying.

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