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NWA/NSA: 45GS and C&R dark brown croc

Hey Crunchfam, Happy Friday! Buckle in for a long readโ€ฆ Some of you may have already seen this watch on my #wruw as itโ€™s appeared there a few times bu...

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commented on Pete_Puma's WRUW ยท

Awesome green flieger and strap combo plus the additional EDC goodies. Looking good, Mark!

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ยท

Haha thanks, Rich! Hope youโ€™re having a great Friday.

commented on TheHoroSexual's WRUW ยท

A knockout singular photo indeed, Paul! No need to apologize, weโ€™re all limited sometimes. Have a good one over there.

commented on NiroZed's WRUW ยท

Sounds like a perfect evening to relax and appreciate the joys of life. ๐Ÿป

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ยท

Thanks, Nir! You got my back on this one.

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ยท

Thanks, Raymond! Have a wonderful weekend!

commented on smashburger's WRUW ยท

David, loving todayโ€™s super combo meal. Smashed burger, tots, watch, awesome strap and Iโ€™m sure a martini or Bloody Mary sitting somewhere off to the side there. Enjoy it. Cheers to making to another Friday ๐Ÿป