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So, this happened today

On Wednesday, I dropped off a Hemel Airwing at The Little Watch Shop in Houston. I purchased a larger crown for the Hemel and had TLWS install it for...

I just finished viewing perhaps the greatest watch film of the past 25 years.

I am, of course, speaking of the classic film Godzilla 2000. Also spotted were these two watches that did not get proper close-ups but that were worn...

15 minute video on the second

This PBS video on the second was posted to YouTube a few days ago. I found it interesting, so I thought I would share it here.

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commented on Am I the only one bored of GMT’s…. ·

No one else feels this way. Anyone who responded in agreement with you did so only to try to make you feel better, but they don’t actually agree with you.

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ·

I prefer the Zenith. If it had been a Speedmaster 57, then the answer may have been different.

commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

A pulse. If the other person has a pulse, they are most likely not a watch person.

commented on “Though he be mad, there is method in’t” Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2. ·

You most certainly DO NOT have too many watches. You have a shortage of wrists.

commented on The G100 is a Miyota 9 series ·

That’s why we take the time to form our own opinions and try not to fall victim to watch groupthink.

Now excuse me while I take off my 300 meter dive watch and put on a 500 meter dive watch. I am about to go into my kitchen and I will briefly be near water.

commented on Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ·

I’m not sure I know the score. My STP-based watches work fine.

commented on The G100 is a Miyota 9 series ·

I can’t speak for the rest of t world, but I thought this was widely known. I mean, I knew about it so it couldn’t have been a well kept secret.