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Watch size

I've just recently begun learning about and collecting vintage watches. I have a question....for a vintage watch (1950s-1960s), is 32mm case size with...


What is the best/easiest way to buff out these scratches? No dremel, only rags.

The Rochefoucauld

馃槀 rewatched this classic tonight. Completely forgot about the watch bit. Thought I'd pass it on. 馃槀 The movie is Trading Places

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goodoboy30 commented on Who else puts on a watch right after waking up?

I change watches at night before bedtime. I then change watches throught the day as activities change or require.

goodoboy30 commented on My Duro bracelet came in Where? Tell me where to throw my money please 馃槀

goodoboy30 commented on Greetings from Tulsa

Welcome! About time we got another Okie here

goodoboy30 commented on Watch size

Thank you very much. I really hadn't thought of forcing a bigger size. Like I said I'm probably overthinking this which is why I didn't think of that.

goodoboy30 commented on Watch size

Ok I'm with you on the case size. Are 16mm lugs too narrow to be considered a men's watch,? I tried one on and it just looked so thin around my wrist. I'm probably overthinking this. It's just the smallest I've ever tried on.

goodoboy30 commented on goodoboy30's WRUW

Im going to try polywatch soon but if that doesn't work I think I'm going to just get the crystal replaced. That's is IF I can find a reputable watch repair in my area. Not a lot available in Oklahoma lol

goodoboy30 commented on What is Vintage? How do you define it?

On paper I've heard anything older than 25 yrs. In my mind, anything older than me. Pre-1979.

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My wife's grandfather was a low key watch collector. He passed away 2 weeks ago. Before he passed away, while bed ridden, most of his collection was s...

Early Birthday Present

My wife knocked it out of the park this year. She got me this automatic Timex manufactured the year I was born. It's the only vintage watch I own. I l...

Excited/Slightly Scared

The wife just informed me that an early birthday present should be in the mail tomorrow morning. I'm torn between being excited and and a little scare...

Show and Tell

Show the cheapest watch in your collection. Do you wear it? Why did you buy it? This is my cheapest watch. I bought it for the color of the dial and t...

I get it

I just recieved my first G-Shock. After years of collecting and avoiding this watch because I thought it was just a bunch of hype....I totally get it...

Budget Watch Search

Ok, I'm a budget watch collector. Budget being ~$100 or less. In my opinion, there are some great fun watches out there in that range. I know I'm not...