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Watches leaving the collection

After thinking long and hard about it, I think it's time I reduced a few watches from my collection. I'm not usually easy parting with possessions, bu...

Got some new straps

Got some FKM rubber off Strap Habit for my Evo-Drive Diver, what are we thinking?
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Thoughts on the Tudor Ranger?

I was in a conversation last night talking about Tudors and was pleasantly surprised that the Ranger's price is in reach. I was on the lookout for a m...

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commented on Do you have a Solar watch? If you do, which one? If not, why?

Fuck yeah, Eco-Drive


I do have a few solar Casios though

commented on Wild Watch Wednesday! Let鈥檚 see your wild, weird, fun, funky and unique pieces
commented on Go Anywhere Do Anything Watch Exists?

I'm waiting for my commuter as we speak, can't wait to get it

commented on Oh shit!


commented on Thoughts on Theo and Harris YouTube Channel?

They get on my nerves if I'm honest, but still end up watching them when my favorite watch YouTubers don't have any new videos

commented on Oh shit!

I'm gonna die on that hill and say Citizen did it better

commented on impatientpatient's WRUW

You just unlocked a memory, I remember seeing this watch as a kid

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Nothing to report, just appreciating the breathability of nylon in the summer heat

It's 42C/107.6F here in Dubai, thankfully humidity is pretty low in my area.

How does one accidentally get into a Minase presentation?

I somehow found myself in a Minase presentation, taking a look at beautifully lacquered-dialed watches coming all the way from Japan. These watches ar...

Here's some aventurine sparkle

Sometimes direct sunlight isn't enough

A question for the firefighters on here

I had a bit of a debate with a friend regarding wearing tool watches in hazardous jobs after showing him the video I linked above. He thought it was r...

Chronometer Check on Instagram: "Stop Babying Your Watches!"

Do you choose your watch based on who you're seeing?

I follow watchstudies on insta (fantastic resource for watch photography tutorials btw) and on his story he asked a pretty interesting question, when meeting friends or people, do you choose your watc...
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