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I finally found the perfect bracelet for my SBSA223: The Forstner straight end Bullet bracelet Since I received this watch i ve been on the hunt for a...

Tropic Straps

I am always on the hunt for good tropic straps. i just love to wear them in summer. today i received this light blue tropic from fratellowatches. it i...

Watches that you have owned for 4 years or longer

Seeing Random Rob's latest Video of watches he had owned 2 years or longer I was inspired to make this post and see what the wantchcrunch fam has to s...

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commented on G-Shock DW6900 ·

thx for the reply and your experience with the same wristsize. always wanted a 6900... now i just have to decide which model or colour

commented on G-Shock DW6900 ·

what is your wristsize? is it too big for a 6.75 inch wrist?

commented on Treat yourself; King Seiko SPB283 ·

that piece is so damn cool!! i heard that there is a new tonneau case coming out this year for the king seiko line. maybe i also have to pull the trigger soon on one of these great pieces. enjoy yours 🤙

commented on Rate my watch collection ·

9 of 10. put the brew in a own box for microbrands and add a chrono to your core box 😉

commented on collectandchill's WRUW ·

a tropic from wolbrook 😉

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Nodus Vs. Halios ·

i voted halios cause i had a seaforth bronze once... i remember a few years back when this brand was the rolex of the microbrandworld and it was so hard to get one... now they lost track imo and it is even harder to get one and there are a lot of new microbrands out there which are amazing and easier to get like f. ex. serica, unimatic or maen... i wish halios would come back and offer better availabilty 😑 designwise they had a lot of potential

commented on collectandchill's WRUW ·

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Post your most unique piece

Title says it. I want to see what is in your opinion the most unique piece / oddball in your collection. For me I think it is my Oris Aquis Cherry. Wh...

Why are Seikos so addictive?

just got a second seiko with the SRPJ47 Time Sonar. for the first time i will not sell one seiko for another which i usually did all the time. the wil...

Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ47

just received this beautiful seiko 5 time sonar SRPJ47. the brown transparent dial is really cool 😍 unfortunatly the bezel is misaligned again 🙈 loo...

The BB54 killer just got released! 😄

38mm 5KX what is your opinion on these? I really like the teal one 😍

Did you ever do a re-rebuy?

Yes you read right. A so called re-rebuy. I think I just did that. Let me explain: I started dipping my toes into watches in 2017 and bought my first...

New pilot pioneers

Hamilton just quietly released two new colours of the pilot pioneer which came out in 2019 i think. what do you think of them? i like that the lume is...