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anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fume

It's finally here! Case: 38mm Dial: In-house Enamel Dial - Plum Movement: Automatic La Joux-Peerret G100


Happy New Year All!聽 Lots of changes this year, so I figured I鈥檇 jump on the SOTC bandwagon. Its been been and interesting year, I鈥檝e learned I lean t...

Zelos Swordfish Field Bronze 'Meteorite'

Wow, new watch to the collection! So, I'm not sure what happened. I just perused the latest Zelos Swordfish drop and the next thing I know it showed u...

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commented on IceSliver's WRUW

That one is Stunning!

commented on tempo365's WRUW

Pretty cool right! Thank you sir!

commented on tempo365's WRUW

Thanks Miguel!

commented on jcwatch's WRUW

It is a Stunner and we didn't coordinate at all :-)

commented on tempo365's WRUW

Nice! lol!

commented on SOTC

Gteat Collection! Thanks for sharing!

commented on karlontime's WRUW

Nice, I like the bezel on this model!

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anOrdain Model 1 Fabrik GMT

It finally arrived! I have been following anOrdain for a while and jumped at the chance to get their first watch with a complication when they offered...

There can only be One! - Citizen Citizen Satellite Wave GPS 鈥 Super Titanium #1wc - Princess Moana

Well, it鈥檚 been a while since I鈥檝e consecutively spent this much time with one watch (Citizen Satellite Wave GPS 鈥 Super Titanium (CC4004-58E) ) and i...

New anOrdain Fabrik Line

My build slot is not for a while but did receive and e-mail from anOrdain opening the purchase window for one of these. The draw to anOrdain for me ar...

Happy Speedy Tuesday!

Finally jumped in on this storied tradition 馃ぃ Why a Speedy? Being a space/science nerd this has just been a grail of mine and I was lucky enough to r...

Watch with a Party Trick!

See, what happened was... The Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face III Limited Edition (999 pieces), as soon as I saw it on-line I was intrigued. Can't exp...

Bond, James Bond..

Visited my AD and bought my watch for the year.. maybe two. This one jumped out at me on the page and even more so in person. After much back and fort...