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8-Bit Brew - Fun But Elegant

I have been thinking about buying this watch for a long time. On Wednesday I finally did it and already on Friday it arrived here in Germany. Which is...
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My newest watch

Hi everyone! I was looking for an elegant watch for a long time. My primary requirements were white or silver dial contrasting hands for readability (...
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Here are all watches I currently own. The only thing I‘m missing is a „really good“ dress watch. But this can wait because I‘m also very happy with th...
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netzbandit commented on 8-Bit Brew - Fun But Elegant ·

Do it! You won’t regret it.

netzbandit commented on The ultimate four watch collection, beat these if you can! 🤔 ·

My personal 4-Watch Collection would be:

GADA: Longines Spirit 37mm


Chronometer: Omega Moonwatch


Dresswatch: A. Lange & Söhne 1815


Diver: Tudor Black Bay Fifty-eight

netzbandit commented on Worthy choice for a nostalgic gamer? - Review of the 8-Bit Brew ·

Kiitos for your great review. I'm considering buying the 8-bit for quite some time now. My only concern is how it will look on my 16,5cm wrist. But if you say that it looks fine on 16cm I should probably finally buy it.

netzbandit commented on Brew Retrograph ·

Thank you very much!

netzbandit commented on Brew Retrograph ·

I love the look of the Brew Retrographs. I'm currently torn between the Oxford and the 8 Bit. 

@ckim4watches Would you mind telling me your wrist size and add some additional wrist shots? I can't find (m)any reviews or videos of the Oxford.

netzbandit commented on SOTC ·

I like to suit up the few times I leave home office, so a dresser would be nice 😎

My favorite watch at the moment is the PD-1701 Speedy homage. Especially with the Uncle Seiko bracelet which gives it a very vintage vibe. But I really like every one of my watches for their look. The only watch that maybe has to go is the panda snowflake chronograph - but only because I can hardly read the time without reading glasses due to the lack of contrast. (I now fully understand the point in these date loupes 😉)

netzbandit commented on SOTC ·

I think the Pagani watches are well worth their price. The only weakness are the bracelets. The one on the Speedy homage was very sharp. I replaced it with an Uncle Seiko US1479 and are very happy with it. The one on the Explorer homage also has issues (very hard to open, micro adjustment not working) and replacement is on its way. But I still like Pagani watches because you can try out different styles without spending tons of money.