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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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SOTC // From Sternglas to Cartier

It all started with the Sternglas Naos about two years ago. Now my collection is a mixture of "entry level" watches, Chinese homages, Microbrands and...

My First Bronze Watch

I've always wanted to try a bronze watch that matches my favorite ring. Mission accomplished!

Sinn 556i or Hamilton Murph 38?

Fellow watch-crunchers! I want to buy another watch and it should be black. It also should be wearable in the office as well as in my leisure time. The ideal size for me is 38-39mm. My budget is ca. 1...
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commented on netzbandit's WRUW ·

Die Uhr trägt sich super. Und die Qualität ist für den Preis wirklich absolut großartig. Ich habe 2 Longines und das Niveau ist ähnlich. Ist übrigens eine Watchdives x San Martin Edition (

commented on Where does legibility rank on your scale? ·

Even though I see watches mainly as jewelry, I find legibility very important. As my presbyopia sets in, I like the contrast of blued hands and understand the purpose of the loupe on date displays.

commented on The Islander Manhasset: A Short Review ·

I love the Manhasset! But I only have the "boring" black version. 😀

commented on NWA. Wedding watch 💚 ·

Congratulations! I really like the look with the navy suit and the green accents.

commented on Ryan_Schwartz's WRUW ·

Looks stunning. What does the coat of arms stand for?

commented on Favorite dials ·

@Collum Excellent bracelet choice for the Negroni 🍻

Besides the Seiko these two are my favorite dials in my collection. Both are very dark blue that sometimes seem almost black and brighten up when the sun hits in the right angle.

commented on ISLANDERs let's see them! ·

I own the black Manhasset but on a J-style bracelet. It was relatively expensive because I live in Germany (shipping, tax, customs) and I had to buy the bracelet extra. After some weeks I was trying to sell it because I wore it very rarely. But then I withdrew the listing and I'm happy I kept it.

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Hi fellow watch fans, I am thinking of buying a Lorier Zephyr (in white). But at the moment I'm unsure about the size. "Similar fit to a round 35mm" s...

This beauty arrived today

I've had my eye on Baltic for a while and I particularly like the HMS 002. After I found a good offer at the weekend, I bought one. And already today...

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I have been thinking about buying this watch for a long time. On Wednesday I finally did it and already on Friday it arrived here in Germany. Which is...

My newest watch

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Here are all watches I currently own. The only thing I‘m missing is a „really good“ dress watch. But this can wait because I‘m also very happy with th...