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G-Shock, this time is gee nope 🫤

Last week, when I was feeling like I may need a stress leave from my job (which I can’t do since we’re too short staffed) , I received an email from G...

Review: Trying to love the Forstner Komfit band

In my ongoing quest to perfectly strap my vintage Chronomatic to my wrist, getting to Forstner seemed inevitable. They made aftermarket bracelets when...

Forstner Komfit Wide Straight Ends

3.2 Avg. Score

Sinn U50 vs SDR and Tegimented vs Non-T Review

The Sinn U50 and U50 Pro followed similar trajectories in my mind before I purchased them. I dismissed both designs and came back to them later. The d...

Watch Blog Misses the Point, Continues to be Boring and Lazy "For me, given how rarely I actually engage the GMT function on any...

Tudor Black Bay 54 Review

The 39mm BlackBay 58 is the perfect watch for everyone so what is this smaller watch for? When I hear 37mm, I get a bit repulsed since I did not have...

Tudor Black Bay 54

4.0 Avg. Score

Christopher Ward Bel Canto Review

"Ding!" — I glance down at the chime, realizing it's time to wrap up work for the day. After a year of waiting, my Bel Canto has arrived. (More accura...

Christopher Ward Bel Canto

4.4 Avg. Score

2 week review of the Seiko SSK001 GMT.

I have had this watch for a few weeks now and so far I am loving it. When I was looking for my first automatic watch, I had a few criteria: • display...

Seiko SSK001

4.6 Avg. Score

SSK023 Seiko Field GMT First Impressions

I’ve been collecting for a few years now. From Invicta, to the SKX, Tudor, Omega, and back - I’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide range of st...

Wolf 1834 Watch Winder Review

I bought my first Wolf winder, a single Roadster model about a year ago, and just acquired a double to match my original. This review will be a long t...

Wolf 1834 Roadster Double Winder with Storage ref: 457256

5.0 Avg. Score

Watch Review: Oris Big Crown 1917 Limited Edition

Having owned the Oris Big Crown 1917 LE watch for 3+ months, I thought It was time I wrote about it.

Watch Review: Oris Big Crown 1917 Limited Edition