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NWA! 🎉 🎊 🎉The Casio AQ-230a Beverly Hills Cop

I finally checked this one off the list! The Casio AQ-230A. The modern interpretation of the Beverly Hills Cop watch.

Proud to be one of these few…

What a great game. Thanks again, @Mr.Santana !

NWA! Modded my F105w

Was thrilled to learn that both this watch and the kit were waiting for me when I returned home from a business trip. The bracelet is on par with the...

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commented on Seiko 5 Sports SRPD61K for my 23. birthday! ❤ ·

Welcome to the fold, my man! Happy belated birthday! I work at a desk full time and find myself swapping my bracelets for NATO straps pretty often for the comfort factor. But I’m also not afraid to wear my stuff. Just adds some desk diving scars. 😂

commented on Is this the best/funniest watch story ever ? ·

Lmao. I love this scene.

commented on Deep Black Watches: Boring or Traditionally Beautiful? ·

Heuer lives! That watch is so almost perfect it might as well be.

commented on First Tudor ·

I opted for the Pro and love it! Your mileage may vary.

commented on Seiko Sunday with this freak of nature ·

One of my favorite mod pieces I’ve seen. So sick.

commented on HBGnomon's WRUW ·


commented on Real Bulova movement or fake? ·

There are so many truly spectacular vintage Bulova offerings for practically free on chrono 24. Idk what’s stopping. They have some excellent modern offerings as well. I should revisit this. I gave a curv away to a friend who wanted a cool watch. Still miss it.

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Time to have some fun.

This will be my second Casio mod project. More to follow.

I did a thing…

In so doing, the gravity of the commitment really hit home. To use a golf metaphor, I didn’t come to lay up. EDIT: I owe this entire idea to Marc at L...


Second and final group of watches in contention to be the next pick up. Next round will put the two winners against one another.
105 votes ·

NCA - Not a watch but from one of my favorite watch compaines!

Picked up this wall clack on the cheap on Marathon’s website. Smooth sweep seconds hand. 24 hour marking on the dial. No nonsense functionality from a...

I’ve got MANY watches on my list to acquire this year. Below are four pieces of varying styles in immediate contention.

Which of the following would you pick up first if you had to pick one:
373 votes ·