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And picking 2 old WRUW post shots of today's wear, this cool and crisp white dial GMT of Tudor inspiration courtesy of San Martin. Wishing all a great...
On this fine Thursday, sporting the retro vibed San Martin Rootbeer and it's supremely comfortable BoR. Wishing everyone a great day today!
Hexad bracelet on my Revelot Admiral
Something different today with the Islander Calabro GMT World Time. This automatic is powered by the Seiko NH34. Awesome sunburst gold dial with blue...
Starting the month with a 10h10 shot of this beautiful white dial SM. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Never having tasted the beverage, sporting the so-called Rootbeer San Martin. Love the colourway on this but the case shape and the BoR bracelet still...
And starting my last home office day for a couple of months with the white dial SM GMT. Love the versatility of this piece, ever more after upgrading...
Last nights very frustrating project.. will make a post a lil later explaining what happened… it works for now though 🤷🏾‍♂️

A beautiful Octagon

Hello Crunchers, Today I opened my PO Box and there it was, my new Spinnaker Dumas GMT! A truely beautiful piece! Here we have an example of originali...

NH34 in case from nh35 watch

Has anyone put a nh34 in a case typically designed for nh35? Also, can nh 35 hands fit on a nh34 movement that has the gmt hand properly in place?