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The watch distracts me from working. Grand Seiko SBGA493 Spring Drive Katana Limited Edition ⚔️
Brilliant red!

Bausele Langstone Watch

With the watch world going crazy over the releases in Switzerland, I thought to share something of my own. A project that I have been working on since...

Limited edition Breitling Colt

I’ve had this watch for years. Simple, slim, and quite stunning, if I say so myself. Complete with a case back illustration that would offend feminist...
#nivadagrenchen x #wornandwound #datomaster vk63 v2

Lookit, lookit what I found! Seiko Alpinist 1959 Thailand LE Bamboo Grove SPB435J for sale

Holy moly guacamole. I was looking for 36mm quartz watches online for @watchmyclip when I had the bright idea to look at one of the Japan online store...
🌟On the day Mido announced this edition, a spark of curiosity ignited within me. I ventured to the official Mido distributor here in Oldenburg, hopin...

Which Watch? Pick your Favorite.✅

These are all 3 of the TGV/Squale collaborations. Each of these were limited to 100 made. I was fortunate to be able to get the different models. I have an earlier post if you want to know the story o...
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Monet’s Water Lilies at MOMA, NYC. Omega Speedmaster Mark II 2016 Rio Olympics Limited Edition.
Have a great oriental Sunday Crunchers! Today obviously I'm accompanied by this beautiful limited edition Orient Kamasu Mako 3. A beautiful bronze div...