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My First Christopher Ward….

Okay, not actually my first CW… I will Caveat, this is my first CW since 2016 and my first mechanical CW. I would go even further to say my first CW s...

D-DAY 80

One of the only watches I could wear for today. My Vertex Cal 57 ‘ATP’ double stamped with the broad arrow and ‘1954’. Also for further D-Day 80 watch...

The Zulu Time Podcast Photography Competition 2024.

As advertised in Episode 96 of The ZT Podcast. What you’ll win: ZT Podcast Challenge Coin Analog Explorer Podcast Patch AE & Bellingham Podcast St...

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commented on My First Christopher Ward…. ·

It was /is (still in the collection) a Peregrine Chronograph.

commented on D-DAY 80 ·

Thank you so much! I appreciate your support to the page and both mine and AJ’s Podcast 😎😎

commented on NWA Seiko Turtle 6309-7049 ·

Cheers man! It was a gift via my podcast!

commented on JASDF Seiko 5 Speedtimer 6139-7012 ·

Honestly regarding the kanji/eng date wheel I wouldn’t know if it bumps up rarity. All I know is this is a JDM one that went to the JASDF which is what makes it rare with the JASDF engraving.

commented on 70,000 Club ·

Fact!! See all fear none!

commented on Edge of Space ·

Appreciate the kind words!

commented on Bausele Langstone Watch ·


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NWA Seiko Turtle 6309-7049

Watch crunchers! (I guess that’s the term).. So I finally committed and got my first Seiko Turtle, a 6309-7049 from the 80s. It has been in the collec...

70,000 Club

Last year I got my A-13A Chronograph flown, I have since come back out to the med for a short work trip (got to love work travel, especially to warmer...

Bausele Langstone Watch

With the watch world going crazy over the releases in Switzerland, I thought to share something of my own. A project that I have been working on since...

Whisky & Watches

So as a collector of things, not just watches, but other bits from military,photographic, antique and the horologically adjacent (I think I just like...

New Watch Alert

I now have a Seiko Turtle 6309-7049. The cool bit being it has a “Hong Kong” Dial. Looking forward to using it as a daily.