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Selangor, Malaysia
6.57” / 16.70 cm Wrist
Working under a swimming academy
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Tell Me What's Your Profession/Hobby Without Telling Me

Here's a fun one for our #supersaturday . Share one, or two, or maximum three, photo of a wrist shot or anything that includes your watch in it that c...

One of my most exciting acquisitions!

I blame YouTube for this! To be honest, I don't need a watch. My environment is filled with time telling devices which makes owning a watch irrelevant...

End of 2023 Watch Review

Dear fellow crunchers, To end my 2023, and starting my watch collection journey to be a part of a watch loving community I have posted a few watch rev...

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commented on SamSam's WRUW ·

And this is factory. I didn't change anything at all 😎.

commented on Can I slash the collection from 10 to 6? ·

Phil, I'll gladly take those 4 off your collection for free buddy! 😈

commented on English_archer's WRUW ·

Now that's cool! 😎

commented on JaeBust's WRUW ·

Starsssss! ✨

commented on SalvadorK24's WRUW ·

I love this hue. It's damn sunny here 🥵

commented on keg.nj's WRUW ·

As you should! So beautiful~

commented on SamSam's WRUW ·

Well the whole family is coming together for this one John. Earplugs not going to help much 🤣. Thanks!

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