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6.10” / 15.50 cm Wrist
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Great place to be on my birthday😊

Turned 56 yo today. Grateful for being here in the mountains, for being healthy enough to hike and sleep under the stars. For having my wife, daughter...

Santos and Full Metal Square

I love my Santos so much that I've started seeing Full Metal Square G Shock as a beater version of Santos and am wondering if I should get one. Am I w...

Today’s exploration

Let’s see where we end up if I let my buddy decide which way to go😁

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commented on danielcubas's WRUW ·

Congratulations! Great choice💯

commented on Eike001's WRUW ·

Fully agree that it's a very comfortable watch to wear 💯

commented on Week on the Wrist - Cartier Santos Medium ·

Enjoyed your video😊

Mine got first few scratches but I don’t see them unless I try to see them. Mine is brown dial and everything reflects lights - bezel, crystal, bracelet, hour markers - so it’s even harder to see the scratches.

commented on Ruthless Cutting ·

As much as I love Reverso, I can’t imagine it as my only one watch. One hot summer day and I will immediately buy a watch with bracelet 😅

commented on What is the theme of your collection? ·

Never thought about theme buying watches but I see one thing in common - they all remind me of travelling, being somewhere else - hiking in mountains, snorkelling in the sea or travelling abroad.

3 with dual time

4 diver/adventure watches

1 originally made for a pilot

commented on NWA: And just like that the collection is complete (for now...) ·

So you listened to your heart😊

Great choice!

commented on Do you need a no-date watch? And why? ·

I prefer no date if I have a choice. Simplicity and symmetry.

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Who else is hiking today?

Morning hike in Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan ⛰️

Woke up to this view

Perfect way to start the weekend ⛰️😊

Rain or shine, I’m with you

Hiking in the rain😊

Andres Iniesta G-Shock ⚽️🥅

Happened to come across this and ordered it without looking at spec or anything. As a FCB Culer, and Iniesta being my favourite player ever, I just ha...

It’s a “Sinn” not to wear this

Since I bought Explorer 2 in March, my EZM3 enjoyed no wrist time. Now the honeymoon period with Explorer 2 is finally coming to an end, I’ll start we...

Little Exploration

8-hour day hike in mountains with Explorer 2😎