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Bluetooth or Multi Band?

I have been shopping for a perfect G-shock or in general a high accuracy watch. I came across several models with just solar, solar and bluetooth, onl...

Do you have an all quartz collection?

I downsized my collection recently and I’m left with just two watches that run on gears and springs. One is a 1960s Citizen New Master handwind And th...

What’s considered as ‘tank’ style?

I’ve been trying to add a tank styled watch to my collection. My main attraction is the original Cartier tank. However, I’m not ready yet to spend the...

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commented on timessstamp's WRUW ·

I put mine on a metal bracelet but it made the watch too heavy so I put it on a rubber strap

commented on I want a High Accuracy Quartz watch. Please help. ·

I got the Longines VHP GMT, finally! Worth every penny!

commented on timessstamp's WRUW ·

Thank you.

commented on timessstamp's WRUW ·

Thank you

commented on danielcancelinha's WRUW ·

Those lugs 😍

commented on mazarg's WRUW ·

Is it quartz? I’m thinking of getting a nautica but ppl are discouraging me saying it’s a fashion brand. Help me get more info pls

commented on My thoughts on homages; and is this SM really a GADA?! ·

It is really a Gada

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Fastrack Space Rover Moonphase Watch Review

I was on the look out for a moonphase watch to add to my collection ever since I restarted sky watching. I wanted a good quartz watch, something not d...

Titan | Fastrack 3207KL01

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What do I do with the old watches that no one wants?

I have a number of old worn watches keeping good time but no one wants them, even for free. What do I do with them? I restored a 60s Citizen hand wind...

Tissot PRX Quartz 35mm Review

This was an unexpected purchase. This is my first Swiss quartz watch and my first watch with an integrated bracelet. I had bought a Tissot Swissmatic...

Tissot T1372101104100

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I want a High Accuracy Quartz watch. Please help.

Update (Sep 18, 2023) : I shortlisted the Longines V.H.P Gmt (+/- 5s a year) and the Citizen CC3000-89L GPS (+/-1s over 100,000 years). I bought the L...

Discovering My Style - My Seiko SRPE67K1 Review

My #dresskx, is my new found love and favourite style. This is the matte bezel version from the 6x variant of the SRPE line. Seiko has nailed the best...

Seiko SRPE67K1

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Should I keep my Orient Ray 2?

Update: I tried different strap set up and increased the wrist time with the watch and I could not make my mind up to keep it still. I sold it hence....