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Notawatchsnob ·

Teddy Baldassarre parody

If You like him as much as we do you'll love this
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buettner ·

Incoming - Going from OF 116519 to full metal 116509

After a little over a year with the 116519, white gold Daytona on oyster flex with silver panda dial, I decided to make the move to the full bracelet...
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timegeek ·

Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage?

Here's an interesting true story appropriate for #greenfridays #greenwatches #verdeviernes A flipper buys a green #rolexsubmariner for 11 years in a r...

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Buy a set of watch straps, help save the world? #8 (A bunch o' different watch straps)

Charity auction for a lot of watch straps! From left to right: 1. 20mm Green Vario single pass leather Nato 2. 20mm Brown @Jericho hand-made chicken f...
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Rynofishing ·

My vintage pulsar is on the chopping block?!?!?

This is one of my favorite designs from the 1980s and also I love 1980s pulsar watches. So, I thought this is going to be one of my most worn watch ev...
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CoachCasey ·

Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT

Todays watch. Just picked this up and I love it. super comfortable.
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TypicalAsian ·

How safe is wearing a luxury watch in your city?

I’d say it’s pretty safe here in HK. It’s either pocket picking (aiming for small), or a huge robbery (at watch dealers), but that doesn’t happen ofte...
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kromozome ·

Jack Forster moves from Hodinkee to Watchbox

Surprised to see Jack Forster move from Hodinkee to Watchbox. Jack has been the public face of Hodinkee as the Editor in Chief and star of the Ask Hod...
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ShapesOfHorology ·

Mini Seiko Collection

After 3 years of hunting, I'm glad to showcase this mini 3 watch Seiko collection. The Lord Matic 5606-5000 from Suwa with the caliber 56 as Suwa's la...
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