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Had a lovely walk with my girls today! This morning I wore the Lorier Gemini! This afternoon the beautifully over engineered Sinn U50!! What watch are...
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Christmas watch etiquette

Time for a dose of weirdness from yours truly. I bet there are a few of you out there that have bought yourselves a watch/es for Christmas, as I have,...
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Daniel Wellington

Calendar day 21 of 24 馃巺 About ten years ago something strange happened. Suddenly a whole bunch of people were spotted wearing something that only can described as a classical timepiece with a big C. T...
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The Rolex Explorer 馃彅锔

Calendar day 23 of 24 馃巺 This is maybe the most iconic from The Crown. Yet one of the least imitated which makes it one of the easiest to spot. A product of legend building and marketing. A pioneer in...
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What was your watch choice for the holidays?

Mine was the hamilton khaki auto 38mm on a bracelet
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A decision has been made (in time for Christmas!)

Thanks everyone for all of the great advice/opinions/observations. The Longines won the battle on the day (but maybe the BB58 will win the war sometim...
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NWA: My Christmas Watch for 2022鉁笍

So Watchfam,here it is my christmaswatch for 2022. In 2019 i was gifted my first ever Gshock the "classic" black and white GA2100 from the first serie...
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Omega DeVille - 1980鈥檚

So, this came in the mail today. It鈥榮 my Christmas present from my girlfriend and I felt free to open it because she鈥檚 out of town. Plus, she had alre...
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Calendar 17 of 24 馃巺 Plastic fantastic and an easily identifyable fasion icon of the 80s and more of a collectible in later years. Far from high horology, yet this brad would become a giant as it bough...
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Stop and smell the cookies

I went out last night with my wife as we had the good fortune of a babysitter. Our evening started off pretty mundane with some dishwasher shopping an...
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