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Tourbillon Watch Shouldn't Break the Bank

In the world of luxury watches, tourbillon models often come with an ultimatum - be prepared to spend a small fortune or forget about owning one. That...

I paid $13 USD for this field watch from China. Here's what I got for my money.

I've definitely owned watches made wholly or partly in China, given that Casio, Timex, and countless micro brands source Chinese parts and assembly al...

Follow up!

Just a note! On the watch case I bought which came with what looks like a Breitling case back. I finally got a response back...

Seagull Tourbillon: The Most Affordable and Best Value Tourbillon Watches in the World

The prestige and status of the tourbillon have been rising yearly since its invention in 1795, primarily due to the immense difficulty in hand-craftin...

11.11 - How many watches do you have in your shipping cart?

🥳 It’s that time of the year again! 🥳 11.11 is a major shopping day in China, and all your favorite Chinese watch brands are having a mad sale on Al...


How many of you have two of the same style of watch, that are different enough to warrant having a pair ( or more!) Raketa world cities: Ordered one f...

To Bodly Go.... Well you shouldn't really, honestly NO

Well its that time of year when the nights are drawing in, the bird is getting fat (they do that), switch the telly on and Johnny Depp is digging hole...

My Visit to the Legendary Seagull Watch Headquarters

As a loyal fan and collector of Seagull watches , I was honored to be invited by Seagull staff to tour their headquarters on November 3rd in the after...

In my experience, cheap Chinese watches almost always have more precise timekeeping than Swiss and Japanese... AKA, how Baumol's Cost Disease affects watch pricing

[Begin aside #1] Final charity watch auction of the year going on now! Bid now to win the @Ichibunz “Sea of Clouds” GMT!


I bought this from . Not bad looking until I got it and found it’s has a Breitling case back. Well now I just spent more on the case b...