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A Tale of Two Watches

In the early 1970's two iconic American watch brands introduced chronographs with different versions of red, white, and blue colorways. Hamilton offer...

Collection of my pilot and other aviation oriented watches

() Christopher Ward C8. A traditional Type A pilot watch design () Christopher Ward C11 design based on a cockpit altimeter () Cincinnati Watch Compan...

Hamilton Pan-Europ 3 hand

Not a grail but a version of a watch I've admired for about half a century. (OMG. Is this design and I really that old?) Hamilton resurrected the Pan-...

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commented on Erebus Origin Review ·

Excellent review, Sean. I purchased the white dial version of the Origin in large part for it's legibility. And like the black dial version it's a winner on that score. Furthemore, I'm finding the Seiko NH35 movement to be surprisingly accurate, losing less than 10 seconds over 24 hours. As far as the bracelet is concerned, I've avoided the issue by substituting a black FKM rubber "ridge" style strap from Strap Habit. More appropriate for a diver and lighter that the bracelet. Thicker and more comfortable than the rubber strap included with the watch. All in all, (imo) the combination is an excellent valuet.

commented on jcwatch's WRUW ·

Gorgeous dial, John. Zelos must love you. 🥰

commented on tic_tac_mx's WRUW ·

I just received the same model. Love everything about it but the stiff strap. So I'm experimenting with some alternatives to give it a brighter appearance.

commented on Which Tissot ? ·

I own the 1938 chronometer. In terms of value for the $ I think there's no question it's the better choice.

commented on Anyone bought from Barton watch bands before? ·

I've purchased several leather straps from Barton. Excellent quality and good buys in every case.

commented on jsh1120's WRUW ·

It was a difficult choice. Both the Adventurine and the MOP dials were available when I purchased it. But I couldn't resist the lume of the "frost" color. Have to admit some buyer's remorse when I see the MOP version though. 😢

commented on jsh1120's WRUW ·

It isn't clear to me whether the red/white/blue colorway that originated on the chronograph model some 50+ years ago was meant to reflect that colors of the American or the French flag. The fact that this is part of the "American Classic" collection might argue for the former reference. But the model's "Pan-Europ" name (and its eccentric spelling) might suggest otherwise. In any event I find the look especially appealing and the red second hand is a cherry on top.

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Axia Sofia II

The Sofia II from AXIA Time is a recently introduced watch from an American brand built in Switzerland. A hardened (#5) titanium case, a handmade genu...

Sofia II from Axia Time

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Home from the Hospital

I've owned this C11 "pilot" watch for about a decade. When I recently replaced its original strap with the "rally" strap from Barton, it had become no...

Steinhart Deckwatch

Steinhart Deckwatch with a replacement rubber strap that matches the blued hands. Hand wind that lacks hacking. The inability to stop the seconds hand...

Racing Strap on a Hamilton PVD Khaki

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Christopher Ward Green Dial Sealander

The green rubber strap is from Barton. Very comfortable and a nice complement to the dial color.