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Stan_wojenny ·


As per title. My top pics from my collection. Upper row left to right vostok amphibia albatross, vostok amphibia barrel, orient three star, bulova acc...
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Stan_wojenny ·

New vostok komandirskie fieldwatch

So given current state of thing in my part of the world (Central Europe) I am really surprised this one arrived without any major problem or delay. 10...
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Stan_wojenny ·

Orient three star - a watch punching way above its weight!

Bought it used back in early 2019 for 50 dollars. Cant find much about its reference. Incredibly reliable and rugged - never had any problem with it w...
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Stan_wojenny commented on What is your domain expertise? ·

I dont know how to classify myself as i work services and paperology.

Stan_wojenny commented on New vostok komandirskie fieldwatch ·

I sure will. Lets hope its all gonna resolve soon.

Stan_wojenny commented on New watch alert! ·

Imma be real with You chief. This is one beutiful watch but its hard for me to classify it as a mere tool watch since it costs more than average car here.  Still awesome tho!

Stan_wojenny commented on Orient three star - a watch punching way above its weight! ·

Sorry mate I found it in some random pawn shop.  I can look for its reference number if that helps 

Stan_wojenny commented on Is 38mm too small? ·

It may be a bit controversial but i personally think that watch can only be too big and not really too small.  Given that its not some 1930s woman dresswatch.

Stan_wojenny commented on Is absolute precision really that important? ·

I think it Depends on Your occupation. If Your daily tasks demand high precision and timing of things that may be an issue but for most of us  +/- 30 seconds a day is sufficient enough  

Stan_wojenny commented on Share your homage watches ·

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Stan_wojenny ·

Hamilton Khaki King

What happens when Rolex president decides to the battlefield? I guess its this watch. Runs on ETA Caliber 2834-2. it has nice sweep and butter smooth...
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Stan_wojenny ·

70s swiss made Bulova Accutron day/date

This is my most prized watch at the moment. Bought it in 2019 for 175$ got it all cleaned up and serviced last year. I know that spaceviews are all th...
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Stan_wojenny ·

My vintage Vostok Amphibia from late 80s/early 90s

Hey everyone! It's my first post here. What can i say? I love this watch even its a bit beat up and offcenter. The dial is one of the best vostok has...
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