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An Ending and a Beginning

As you might have seen in my WRUW; today is the last day I will own this watch. Find out why at Unholiest Watches .

Bevel And Bezel: Watch Digest for Enthusiasts

I've launched an exciting new project at, tailored specifically for watch enthusiasts. Think of it as the Daring Fireball for th...

Bevel and Bezel

Why I'm Done With Clomages

Came to a realization recently. I'm done with clomages. Why? For a couple of reasons. Pop over to Unholiest Watches to find out.

Are YOU part of the Alliance?

NATO's; are YOU part of the Alliance ? Me? I'm not. Click on over & read why.

Choose Your Own Adventure, Bump!

If you haven't yet & are interested in participating in a choose your own adventure story, go check out my post from Tuesday. https://www.watchcru...

I find myself in a bit of a conundrum

This week's UnholiestWatches blog post ...

How Do I Make Watch Decisions...

Come along for a trip inside the mind of Unholiest Jedi as he decides if he's going to buy a watch.

Choose Your Own Adventure, Intro & First Fork in The Road

As if I don't have enough going on, I had an idea to write a story about an adventure in which a watch plays a prominent role. I also want to write more consistently to create some content & engag...
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Why The Eyesores?

A lot of us question why Invicta makes watches in styles that can gently be called 'out there'. I think I have three reasons. Read the rest over at Un...

What type of content do like? (Part 2)

I have one more important question for you! What do you prefer / trust more? Thank you for helping me out with some choices! Very interesting to see the results - looks like its fairly evenly spread w...