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MrBloke ·

Borgel and Taubert: What’s the Difference?

My new article at WahaWatches covers an issue that the fellow vintage fans might be familiar with - cases with the famous FB and key marquee. Which of...
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erikswrist ·

Do You Have An After Work Watch?

Do you have an after work watch? Do you wear something thin, lightweight, cheap, or more comfortable? I do. More often than not, I throw on an Ironman...
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erikswrist ·

Vostok Fans

I've never been a fan of Vostok watches; I think that they're ugly for the most part. That being said, they're a true watch enthusiast watch. No debat...
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erikswrist ·

Thoughts on the Helios From Orient?

I've never really been a big fan of open heart dials, but this was a Father's Day gift and I find myself creating a little soft spot for it in my coll...
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erikswrist ·

Never Thought This Was Possible

My head absolutely flipped when I saw this new release from Timex. There was just something about it. I couldn't explain it. I wasn't really shopping...
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erikswrist ·

Feedback So Far

Hey all! I just wanted to say that I have absolutely loved the discussions on here so far. I tend to have some pretty polarizing opinions, I know this...
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erikswrist ·

Cincinnati Watch Co

Why don't I see these more often? Have you heard of CWCo? Thoughts?
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