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Surprise! Another Pulsar. Model VX42-X062 I have two other variations of this and they are all sweet little gems. Love the lug twist ever so slightly...

Diver/GMT with bruched metal / titanium (Certina DS Action diver)

Hey everybody, I am currently looking for a new watch and I am looking for something with a rotating bezel and brushed metal/titanium. So far i really...

Doxa Sub200T bezel question

For anyone who has the new Doxa 200T: how is your bezel action? Mine has a very slight side to side play. And the 6 o’clock side of the bezel has a no...
Pulsar Desk Diver… This guys pretty handsome. I call this one Goldeneye because of the obvious Omega Seamaster inspired look… lugs and bracelet The be...

Bezel trouble

I’ve had this for about a year I think, I bought it used on eBay and put this Uncle bracelet on it as I just can’t love the original one. It keeps tim...
Pulsar Ani-Digi Grai VO71-X014 Dl… I LOVE this retro 80’s-90’s model The Bezel is every bit as good as it looks in the photo…chunky click, chunky clic...

GMT bezels should be bi-directional

I don't care if it's a "dive" GMT or not. If it's got a 24-hour scale, it needs to move in both directions. It's best if it's a 24-click bi-directiona...

week of ocean swimming/snorkeling pelagos39

Took the pelagos 39 a week of ocean swimming/snorkeling with a few stints in the pool. What I noticed is that the bezel got stuck occasionally and har...

slippery when wet

Interesting. the bezel is not particularly easy to turn with wet hands in water. but as soon as you dive with the watch, the grip is perfect. I doubt...
Spinnaker (SP-5051) Absolute stunner of watch from Spinnaker, there wrecked series really came through with great vintage class!