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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Watch Hunt

Hello, Fellow Crunchers. I’m needing your help in finding out what model of Hamilton this is. I’ve done some preliminary search and I wasn’t able to f...

Timex Harborside 2024

Happy Weekend, Crunchies. This piece is inspiring me to either find an exact replica in an automatic or I’m just going to Frankenstein this one. With...

“The Professional”

Omega Speedmaster 3513.50 Fondly called the weird one, but no less than a speedmaster. In cased in a robust 39mm case is Valoux 7750 Caliber 1152. I f...

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commented on Beware the Lust ·

Great job Jedi

commented on Thursday Strap Showdown - let’s see some straps ·

How some Orange 🍊

commented on Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ·

Great color combo 🥊

commented on Rattler's WRUW ·

Thanks I’m really enjoying it on the wrist. This completes my Seiko dive watches. 🤔

commented on CrunchTrek - The Next Acquisition - Game Time ·

Engage, Mr. Data!

commented on tempuslatro's WRUW ·

Your not alone my friend, I too love this piece and enjoy the fact that it’s a great conversation starter at parties!

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Vintage Omega 96”

Happy New Year’s my fellow watch heads. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything, I’ve been a bit busy with family and just really enjoying the h...

The Golden Age of Horology

What we have here is a 1929 Waltham Illinois 14k White gold with an Art deco theme throughout the body. The Patina it has gained over the years has ma...

Display Case

Hello, My fellow timepiece lovers! Happy Sunday and I hope all of you had enjoyed the week in the company of your families. Please take a moment to pr...

Annular Solar Eclipse

Well crunchies I hope you were able to enjoy the most anticipated event in a millennia. I cemented this watch in time for all eternity as the annular...

Bond, James 007

Just a reminder crunchies!! Wear and post your best Bond!

Omega First

Morning, Fellow Crunch heads! First let me wish you all a blessed start to your weekend! Allow me to introduce to you the first ever chronometer certi...