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Let's see those lume shots

I am actually beyond impressed by how good the lume is on Zelos watches. I got my first and I know now why people love Zelos. Share the love, show the...

Great value for money watch

I am majority of the time on the camp of not buying a homage or replica watch. I think they never give you the same quality or even provide good value...

Pitzmann 3 - What's your thought?

I recently saw a review video on Pitzmann 3 on Peter Korea's YouTube channel (if you haven't checked it, I highly recommend it). He gave high praise t...

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commented on The New Zelos Spearfish Dual Time

Yep just got myself the Mako priorities

commented on SOTC - No more room & so many memories.

My favorite in the collection is the IWC :)

commented on Great value for money watch

Looks solid 馃挴

commented on Great value for money watch

Thanks for sharing. I do agree with a lot of your points.

commented on Great value for money watch


commented on Lol 馃槶

Love pink and Tudor, but don't love pink on Tudor 馃ぃ馃ぃ

commented on Great value for money watch

Would love to see your piece.

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Watchexchange - Good or Bad

Thanks to you guys I recently found out about WatchRecon, and saw lots advertisements for watches for sale on Watchexchange subreddit. I was wondering...

What's on your wrist today?

Share the photo of the watch you are wearing before we go into the weekend.

It finally arrived - G Shock GM-2100CB-3AJF

So after months of analysis paralysis, and waiting another 2 weeka for Amazon to deliver it, I finally got my first Casioak. This watch despite the si...

Where do you buy your watches from

Hey everyone, Just curious where do you buy your watches primarily from? I came up with a new options, if I have missed one on the poll, please post in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts a...
79 votes

Which one should I keep? Tommy Hilfiger vs Fossil!!

Hey friends, I am trying to make some space in my watch box for new watches, and trying to decide which one to part ways with. Tommy Hilfiger - It's an automatic fashion watch that I bought before kno...
55 votes