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Monte Kristo Lazar 1/1 - Unique piece coming from Serbia

Duško Radmilo, a self taught watchmaker from Serbia, under his brand “Monte Kristo” , just finished and sold his first hand made watch “Lazar” which w...

Lego watch sets

Found this on Instagram and thought it would be actually pretty cool to have this kind of collaboration between various watch brands and Lego. What do...

First NH35 build

First custom build from sourced parts ever for me! Everything was sourced, movement, dial, hands and case. Even the logo. It will be a gift to my fian...

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commented on MinuteRepeater's WRUW ·

Ahahah dobrodosao! :D

commented on ShonSnow's WRUW ·

I got the sweater as a gift and was super happy when I saw it was matching colors! ☺️

commented on Eaglebone's WRUW ·

For a moment there I thought it was one of the Moonswatches :D

commented on New Bulova Lunar Pilot 😎 ·


commented on SamSam's WRUW ·

very nice!

commented on Case563's WRUW ·

Very nice!

commented on Goodwill Find ·

At $4 anything you buy you will do great!

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Custom watches?

Are you a fan of customizing watches, giving it a personal touch, making it unique, like painting the dials (partly or entirely)?
381 votes ·

New screwdrivers 🎉

Slowly equipping. 💪🏻 It turns very smoothly! 😌

Is lume actually useful to you?

Do you find practical use for lume on your watch dial and hands? Do you find it useful or do you see it like a cool thing to have. Personally, I don’t see the use for it. Except for when you go from r...
454 votes ·

Lume on strap!

I was today years old when I found out they put lume on some straps now! Bought this Nato for my best friend and this is how it looks in dark. Very in...

To the Moon and back 🌘⌚️

I’m a huge history nerd and was always interested in space stuff as well. So when I first heard about the story when the astronaut Dave Scott during A...