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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Retired. Chef and kitchen manager. Mostly worked in hospitals and retirement homes and schools.
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馃馃 Watch Enabler Alert 馃憤馃憤

Kingsbury Rendition watch with SS case and appointments are priced at 153$Can. Rendition with gold tone case and appointments is priced at 167$Can. I'...

Black watch case with silver steel bracelet?

Style faux pas of epic proportions? Or just another idiosyncratic watch guy? I really like the black bezel version of the 1953. But it costs nearly 30...

My Collection with a Workable Rotation

The Casio Royale was my last purchase. The price for the steel bracelet model dropped so low I couldn't pass it up. I have not been able to focus on p...

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commented on DrColinDTate's WRUW

When I look at your dial from one perspective I see the concave sand divots in shallow water. From another perspective I see convex forms that look like stones in shallow water.

Great casual look.馃槑

commented on what_the_joel's WRUW

Hey Joel! Very bold Fossil watch.

Is that a vintage example or recent style? I like it.馃グ

commented on pez1980's WRUW

Looking good Simon! Hope you're feeling good too!馃槑

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW

If I hadn't purchased my Hemel Air Wing I would have gone with the Dan Henry 1964.馃敟


I like the brushed effect on that silver dial Tony.馃寘

commented on CollectibullBob's WRUW

Wow! What an impressive Baltic watch.馃尮馃憫 Classic and classy!

commented on JHT_61's WRUW

Classy regulator.馃グ

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW

Baltic and Lorier!馃槑

Presently Classy and Future Classics.馃憫馃尮

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Kingsbury Hemel and Melbourne Watch Company

We're living in a golden age for watch aficionados!馃槑馃寗

Monday afternoon Microbrand in sunshine.馃寗

The Kingsbury Rendition is a Canadian Microbrand. The dial seems formed by a regulated fine enamel spray. There seems to be no machine brushing? It's...

Hey guys!

Checking in with my two favourite wristwatches.