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SOTC 2023 - My Current 10 Piece Rotation

Hello WC! Today I decided to share my collection, and some stories and meanings behind them (and maybe a few half-decent pics as well). I hope you enj...

Wedding Watch (as a guest)

Let's roleplay: You are invited to 2 weddings this year, by good friends who you ate semi-close with - but not close enough to be asked to be a grooms...

Watch Snobbery: An Analogy

Been seeing a lot of posts lately regarding styles of watch-enthusiasm/collecting, always ending with long threads of people telling each other how to...

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commented on My thoughts on releases from Watches and Wonders 2024

Lol did they fix the gold-plated fake chatons on the 1908?

commented on My Last Tudor

The script is so bad, it feels like someone hired a guy in Russia or China who specializes in ads on phone game apps to write it. The long winded industry-jargon immediately followed by short self-reinforcing positive words is incredibly similar to how app purchasing tailored towards iPad kids of the last 10 years. So clearly they are targeting the same kids who grew up around that sort of marketing, it doesn't make sense to those of us who didn't.

I made a script for someone changing cell phone companies in a similar manner:

"I used to be on Verizon, and then Sprint. So cool! Then Sprint became a part of T Mobile and I joined their team... and you can too. Awesome! Did you know we use 65% of larger companies' same cell towers, giving us access to their 5g capability and cell coverage? Much wow!! What if you needed to call the police, or your bank to wire us money to buy more gems in angry birds 6? Convenient!"

commented on Happy or Disappointed?? 2024 New Rolex Releases

Is apathetic a choice? I am neither surprised nor disappointed

commented on Tudor steals the crown

Neither brand have released anything so far this year that even remotely lifts an eyebrow for me.

commented on What does NOT currently owning any of the 54 brands participating in this year's watches and wonders trade show say about a watch enthusiast?

A lazy one at that

commented on What does NOT currently owning any of the 54 brands participating in this year's watches and wonders trade show say about a watch enthusiast?

What kind of question is this lmao

commented on Matching your watch by dress code chart



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Ideal Collection Size Poll

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