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Can I slash the collection from 10 to 6?

Thinking of trimming “the” collection. Less watches, more wrist time. (One note: I am not counting other watches that I have that are my GADA sub-1k w...

Out of Comfort Zone question

This year I Challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and expand my collection with brands, dials, styles, and materials. I said I would never wear any of these at one point With the predetermin...
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Bday gift, watch winder

I got a watch winder for my bday, love it! I like that I have a place to store my watch now, and a way to keep particular watch charge. The watch wind...

SOTC kek edition

Just wanted to show off my collection, very satisfied with it. Now that I’m kinda content with it as is I can save some money

SOTC April 2024

It’s my birthday today and got this lovely watch box from my son and the mint condition 90’s vintage Casio W727 on the top right from my mum which I h...

Brutal cull: SOTC 2023 versus SOTC 2024

Old thread (link), but long journey: . I'v...

The SOTC (that I'm quite happy with)

This is the current state of my humble collection. The one I’m quite happy with given what I’m willing to spend (or wait for) at the moment. There are...

SOTC: April 2024

Hello crunchers! 👋🏼 I've been on my watch journey for about 5 years. Thought I'd do a state of the collection. Pictured here are the watches in my r...


A lot of the people who have followed me likely know that I sold off almost all of my collection last year and started from basically scratch. I caugh...

Watches of 2024

I'm typically reserved when it comes to discussing the state of my collection, but I'm making an exception with the 'SOTC 2024'—albeit not in the way...