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SOTC March 2023

Sorry if you've already seen this post on Reddit, but I thought the Watchcrunch folk might like to see what I wear as well. 馃榿 So here's my SOTC for Ma...
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Watches in the Wild (A Man of Focus, Volume 28)

Disclaimer: A Grand Seiko for a discussion about....well you'll see. This is the twenty eighth in a semi-regular digest of cool watches I happened to...
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What鈥檚 to wear today boys??? Y鈥檃ll pick!

Found my self with the day off unexpectedly so why not spend some time on watch crunch. What should I wear today Bb58 BB Pro Ray 2 Surfboard chrono G...
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I think that's it, the perfect combination of three but one in the middle rules them!

I think that's it, the perfect combination of three but one in the middle rules them - it gets the most wrist time for sure. I have few more watches i...
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SOTC Through Quarter 1

Well.. I wasn鈥檛 supposed to purchase more watches after my Hamilton. I have gotten a Helm Miyako since, sold it, and bought a San Martin. 1. Vostok 鈥淰...
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My collection is all set for now.

Movado Luna 0606378 Tissot Heritage Visodate T1184101105700 Parnis P2123 Casio A168W-1 Casio AE1200WH-5AV with SKX faceplate and Vario strap Casio AE1...
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My Wife's Watchbox

My wife enjoys "Borrowing" my watches frequently without notification. She says I am notified when I notice what watch she is wearing. I actually prom...
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How much do you keep track of your watches?

I know it sounds a little ridiculous but I do keep a simple excel sheet with every info I have on a watch. Info like the full specs, measurements, the price paid, shipping, taxes, story behind and etc...
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SOTC - March 2023

I thought I would share where I鈥檓 at with my collection and plans for the near future, as I enjoy seeing others鈥 collections. Starting in the top row,...
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My pick for a budget 3 watch collection.

Dress watch - Tissot Everytime ($150 new) Drive/everyday - Orient Kamasu ($200 new) Weekend/tool - Seiko 5 SNK809 ($60 new) I have other watches that...
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