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Cool release, weird commercail

Did anyone find the voice and words in the release off? Sounded like a 9th grader trying to impress somone. Tudor has been cool they shouldnt try so h...

Brew brewing coffee in space

I guess your a serous brand when you can afford to do this for advertising! Pretty cool ive only seen higher end brands do this sort of thing.

Bluetooth worth it?

Hey crunchers, is the microband 6 radio enough for time setting in the US? Im doing some traveling for work and it would be nice if I got a G-shock th...

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commented on Tie & Watch Combo Photo Competition

Very dapper sir

commented on Used Vs. New Watches

Nice watches! Ive only bought new so far but ive been only looking to buy used. I like the idea of buying somthing that represents a period of time well or a neo vintage at a great price

commented on Tie & Watch Combo Photo Competition

@Passatemps had a recent post that was perfect for this

commented on First post

Welcome, nice watch

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch"

Happy burthday! I second what 88mph said. Took my adv watch to iceland. I will pick up an explorer 1 or 2 at some point

commented on Which would you choose?

Blued hands!馃敟

commented on NWA. Wedding watch 馃挌

Congrats! Goes well with your outfit

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Vintage must reads and thoughts on brands

Are there any articles you found very helpful when getting into vintage watches? What are your thoughts about certain brands and what owning them is l...

Saphire caseback on vintage

How do you feel about it?

Misaligned hour hand

Seems from some forums that seikos dont always have great qc. Noticed the other night after years of owning and enjoying this watch that the damned ho...

Nomos straps

Does anyone know who manufactures the suede 鈥渧elour鈥 straps for Nomos. Would be nice to pick up a strap like that on the cheap

Drop shippers on Ebay?

Just got into checking out watches on the second hand and noticed two sellers with the same exact 10 pictures. Curous about this I messeged both. One...

Field watch

A proper field watch in Iceland.