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6.50โ€ / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Watch Hunting in HK

Some pieces from my favorite vintage watch store in Hong Kong - VINTAGE CONCEPT. Beautiful Croton (NIVADA) on my wrist in the first pic. Wouldโ€™ve want...

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commented on Thinking of Buying a Vintage (1979) Rolex - What Questions Should I All Ask ยท

Make sure the parts (dials, hands) are period correct and matching! Iโ€™ve bought a 16800 with a replacement dial and hands - which is totally โ€œfineโ€ - but if youโ€™re gonna go vintage, do it right. Cheers and happy hunting

commented on Watch Hunting in HK ยท

Def not.. ๐Ÿ˜…likely the item number hahaha but we can dream

commented on What are your โ€œscreenโ€ watches? ยท

Actually the real watch of Maverick was the Orfina Porsche Design. The Dan Henry is a pretty faithful copy though!

commented on Watch9's WRUW ยท

The large hour indices look great on this watch - โšช๏ธ

commented on Yonder's WRUW ยท

Wow. Thatโ€™s a great example of a seamaster. Love the gold hands

commented on Let me know your thoughts about Invicta! ยท

I mean for the price you pay.. might as well get a proper and presentable watch that would probably be more reliable as well

commented on anonymouswatchcollector's WRUW ยท

Oh definitely.