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New Baltic Tour Auto 2024

Well, the Baltics 🇫🇷 did it again. First, it was their Peter Auto, and now this Tour Auto 2024. Indeed, this one is becoming hard to pass on. 🫣 God,...

First Look: The Tricompax Baltic x Tour Auto 2024 Racing Set

Have you ever wondered why Tourbillon is still so expensive?

Tourbillon watches are renowned for their captivating and mesmerizing hypnotic power effect. However, it is important to acknowledge that acquiring on...

Brew Watches: Crazy Stunt 🤯

I had to share this craziest and most awesome stunt done by the guys at Brew Watches. They launched a coffee maker into the stratosphere, brewed an es...

7.4K views · 120 comments | BREW WATCHES on Instagram: "Marking an exciting and historic moment in time. Floating over 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. This espresso shot was specially timed by the Brew Metric Chronograph watch. We used a lighter-than-air gas weather balloon to travel to the upper stratosphere into near space, where you can see the curvature of the Earth, the black vacuum of space and the thin blue line of the Earth’s atmosphere on the horizon. We worked with the engineers at @sentintospace to build and launch this bespoke carbon fiber vehicle to transport the Metric watch and the @ascasousa Dream PID espresso machine. As well as designing and building the electronics to activate at the designated altitude. Big thanks to the SentInSpace team on this launch and @gregbrennancreative for the incredible final edit to bring this very special project to life! . . . . #brewwatches #sentintospace #nasa #hodinkee #wornandwound #brewmetric #space #ascaso #ascasodream #espresso #espressomachine #worldrecord #guinessworldrecord #spacex #coffeewatch #futuretechnology #microbrandwatch #industrialdesign #cinematic #redcamera #coffeetime #spacewatch #3dprinting"

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commented on mingogo.teng's WRUW ·

Great Combination, Jubilee IMO is the best bracelet👌 ever made . ( I meant 5-Links bracelet lol) 😂.

commented on Is this passion an endless journey? ·

Beautiful watch. It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight🫶. Enjoy it in good health.🙌

commented on Geneva Chronicles: Artisanal German & Swiss Masterpieces on Day 1 of Watches & Wonders 2024 ·

Wow, Paul! That's awesome. It looks like you really enjoyed the trip. Thanks for sharing your insights.🫶🙌

commented on nawirby's WRUW ·

Still 9 more days until "Kermit Day"🐸 😁🙌

commented on tiffer's WRUW ·

That watch 🙌 looks great, Chris!

commented on This Watch, That Watch on the Monta Skyquest GMT ·

He provides truly valuable content. I appreciate his approach to explaining the topics. While I may not always share his opinions, he effectively challenges my perspectives.

commented on If a NWA is not a great 1st post then what is?! ·

Great-looking watch! Enjoy it in good health, and welcome aboard the WC community!🙌

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My name is Noel Ortega and I'm a watch addict. 🙌

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Why do people stand in line to get into Rolex ADs?

The other day, I went to the mall and passed by the Rolex store in the mall (London Jewelers, NJ). I noticed that there were about five to seven people standing in line just to get into the store. Thi...
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Swiss Supreme Court Ruling on Rolex vs. Customized Watches

This ruling is quite intriguing and merits consideration as a #SundayReading The noteworthy aspects of this narrative include: Swiss Supreme Court Rul...

Swiss Supreme Court Takes on Customized Rolex Watches Case

A Tale of the Universe and the Meteorite ☄️🌌

Zelos is truly embodying the old adage: "When the universe gives you meteorites, make watches." The Zelos Blacktip #titanium #diver and #gmt Diver, tw...

Which one one is your favorite watch from Time and Tide Watches 2024 collaboration?

So this new year 2024 has started with a lot of great watches full of fun and interesting designs, which is really great for all of us watch enthusiasts, I'm pretty sure, I wasn't the only one who has...
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