Vintage Seiko: 1966 62MAS (6217-8001)

The thing that always gets me on this watch is how sharp (like gonna cut you sharp) the indices are. Only 10 months younger than I am and it still runs like a champ.


Hatchi matchi


Hatchi matchi

This pic might be what makes me finally pull the trigger on an SPB143. Gorgeous.


This pic might be what makes me finally pull the trigger on an SPB143. Gorgeous.

Go for it, great case shape and design. Lots of great skin divers done in the 60s, but I humbly suggest that Seiko did it best.

Beautiful watch馃憣 Your sample seem to be in excellent condition!

negative comment much?

I am a lover of vintage Seiko, but also of Seiko generally. I actually think Seiko is the most consequential and important watch brand in the world. This has to do with its history and innovation. Even today they are pretty much the only watch maker who does everything in house (and I mean everything dials, movements, cases, crystals, etc) across almost every price point. A critical part of Japanese culture is pride in work, which generally leads to great products. I love some of my Swiss watches that cost multiples of my Seikos鈥ut love the Seikos just as much. I will now get off my soap box 馃榾.

No, we do NOT belive 鈥渢he Japanese are inferior鈥 where are you even getting that???

But we don鈥檛 believe Seiko should be charging $3000 when we damn well know it doesn鈥檛 cost half that much. Half of that money is selling their name and they still can鈥檛 get the bezel aligned right half the time. This is nothing to do with racism. That is purely misdirection. It鈥檚 all about greed. There is profit and there is larceny.

Is the $100 1970 Willard as good as the $3000 Seiko reissue? Of course not. But the Seiko is not $2900 better. And the Steeldive still has a REAL Seiko industries movement and a sapphire crystal. Seiko is flatly insulting its customer base and if you aren鈥檛 buying a grand Seiko they don鈥檛 care.

There is a reason the funniest joke in Seiko collecting is, you can tell it鈥檚 not a REAL Seiko, the bezel aligns properly is hilarious but not funny.

Now that is a sexy watch.

Hell I鈥檓 wearing a Seiko right now!


The typography on the date wheel...gorgeous.