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Horological super nerds, help a watch simp out.

Ran across this article in my news feed: My pea-brain is still try...
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Goldilocks vs. The Grail

Here’s some more incoherent rambling from me. I hope it’s not a complete mess. I got a watch that made me wonder about the collectors quandary. It mad...
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Why watches?

Because I’m a dumb ape who thinks he’s got half a clue about physics and relativity and then sprinkle that with bygone notions of romanticism and BAM!...
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TheSharperTheBetter commented on Spring Cleaning ·

Sometimes soap and water and toothbrush are required. Otherwise, whatever you're wearing works for the daily dirt.

TheSharperTheBetter commented on Watch Crunch Photography Club + Weekly competition! ·

Quick, guest judge hasn't woke up yet, post nudes!

TheSharperTheBetter commented on Drinking Coffee ☕️ and learning about High horology ·

high horology

TheSharperTheBetter commented on In Praise of Tropical Dials (Love in the Ruins*) ·

As a noob to the sport, my blind eyes just looked at vintage in awe and wonder, and tropical dials were never seen as a flaw. If given the chance I might pop for the right one, even knowing I’m probably being charged a premium for it to be described as tropical dial. That Benrus for instance is barking the right notes.

TheSharperTheBetter commented on Omega Railmaster vs. Tudor Ranger ·

Given this split, I’d go Railmaster for aesthetics. The utilitactiltarianism of the Ranger is less to my personal taste than the elegant dial that this Railmaster has. But if I were to consider other options in this price range I’d search for the right Grand Seiko. But have you considered an RGM? The Model 150 perhaps?

TheSharperTheBetter commented on Pocket Rocket Refurb ·

Can’t love this enough. You do great work, good sir.

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Here’s a hot take for ya.

Watches are stupid and wearing a watch makes you stupid—if you actually think about it. Not a single watch or clock is ever going to be 100% accurate....
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What Grinds My Gears: part 2

Just another idiot on the internet with some rants, part two. If you missed part one. Tudor “Snowflakes.” Water Resistance Rating. Dial text. Tudor “S...
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TheSharperTheBetter Islander Penn ISL-171 Review

Here is my first attempt at a review. This design is Marvin Menke’s, the owner and founder of Hemel Watches, on Long Island, New York. The manufacture...

Long Island Watch/Islander Watches ISL-171

4.4 Avg. Score
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Pocket Dump/End of Day

Some of us know it as EDC, most just mindlessly carry the same things in their pockets everyday without calling it anything. Just empty out those pock...
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Technology makes me want to kill myself. Help. Please?

I’m one of those stupid people. The ones that can’t fix things on my own, especially with tech. Not being able to set my fucking watch drives me absol...
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Love at first sight

Saw this advertised on the YouTube. Couldn’t resist. I thought that I was pretty convinced that I didn’t need another purchase for a long while but th...
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They’re just straps…right?

Of course not, they’re half the palette? They’re surely responsible for framing the case? They have to enhance the dial or compliment it the very leas...
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