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Updated SOTC 2024

Thought I’d post a quick collection update with my latest pitches. What’s do you think Crunchers? Any ideas for next steps?

Watch movement cuff links

Got these cute watch movement cuff links. Enjoyed wearing them to a friends wedding last night

Got my wrist 90

Happy to reach 90 days of sharing my wrist shots with you Crunchers, with this lovely Green Seiko “Mockingbird”

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commented on alexmnh's WRUW ·

Love the Gulf Monaco, with those 70s style color tones 👌🏻😎

commented on Chopra's WRUW ·

You rock the Batmen well my friend 💪🏻 very cool 😎

commented on mrbeerandwatch's WRUW ·

A beautiful piece of history 👌🏻

commented on WristCounselor's WRUW ·

Love it 💚

commented on CraigD's WRUW ·

Very cool 😎👏🏻

commented on gabon1's WRUW ·

Gorgeous piece 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 pure class 👌🏻

commented on Ben_ImperialWatchCo's WRUW ·

Love those colors in the bezel 👌🏻

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Did the Moonswatch disappoint?

I like my Moonswatch mission on earth. People often complain on their quality, robustness and so on, and rightly so, in many ways. I’m happy with my M...

Franck Muller Cintree Curvex

Just got this one today. I have admired Frank Muller designs for a while and was waiting for the right piece to pop. It’s hard to get a decent picture...

New year’s SOTC

Thought I’d take a few fresh photos of my humble the collection and my watchbox for year end 2023, with a new purchase on the way… I posted my #stateo...

Thoughts on Frank Muller

I’ve always admired Frank Muller’s designs, with those rounded tonneau shaped cases, and the unique arabic numerals 👌🏻 A few years back they were hy...

How important it is for you to match your watch with your outfit?

I love matching my watches to my outfit, matching colors and style.
206 votes ·