Thinking about not getting the expensive watch?

A week ago @KyRealtorSteve posted a thread asking what watches you'd buy from an AD that stocks everything, with a budget of 5 grand. Find that thread...

Anyone know a GMT with an inner rotating bezel?

Love the design of an inner bezel and the extra crown, but seems like there's not many options. Only found three so far: Bremont MBIII, Bamford GMT, a...


George鈥檚 Self Doubt. QUESTION Would you buy this perpetual Calendar for $7500+ I think it鈥檚 a gorgeous watch.

Keep or flip, Bamford G shock?

I'm not sure about this G shock. What do you think guys?

Watch Thickness 2

Bamford GMT in "Teal Sunburst"

So I had decided to buy the Heritage GMT with the titanium case, supposedly limited to 25 pieces, but was a little confused when they still seem to be...

New Bamford x Landrover - not getting the vibe....

On the upside - titanium, nice eco straps, fixed lugs, nice SW200 auto, little Bamford blue LR logo above 6'o'clock. Downside - I don't see the Land R...

Girard Perregaux / Bamford Laureato 鈥淕host鈥 鈥 Which bracelet / strap do you prefer?

Thinking about getting a new strap. What do you think looks best?

Thoughts on Tag Heuer

I was listening to Mr BAMFORD on the F'ing bout time podcast the other day and it's clear he loves / pushes the brand. MY questions is, have I missed...

Bamford G-Shock

Latest addition to the G-Shock collection!