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What would be a great unisex 'explorer style' watch?

Hi watch fam! I'm hoping for your suggestions for my search. We are expecting a little girl before the end of the year, and as the missus and me are both watch lovers, I'm looking for a great birthyea...

What do you think of Bremont?

I have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to buying luxury watches. On the one hand I must love the look of it. On the other hand I must feel like the m...

Anyone know a GMT with an inner rotating bezel?

Love the design of an inner bezel and the extra crown, but seems like there's not many options. Only found three so far: Bremont MBIII, Bamford GMT, a...

Bremont, why no love?

Okay, I don鈥檛 have a dog in this fight and really don鈥檛 know one way or the other, but why does there seem to be a general distaste for Bremont watche...

Finally a *very* cool Bremont - 21 SAS Regiment (Artists) (Reserve)

Got chatting with a colleague in the canteen yesterday. I noticed he was wearing a Bremont. Normally I don't get very excited by Bremont but my collea...

Watch Brouchre's

Went on a Watch Brouchre spree beginning of the week, within 3 days Sinn, Bremont, Blancpain and Longines have sent beautiful Brouchre's free of charg...

锘縈y Journey Back to Being a Watch Enthusiast ... Started on a Cruise Ship

(Trigger warning for positive Apple Watch sentiment) I became a watch enthusiast again on a Disney Cruise to Alaska. I had never been on a cruise befo...

Watches of the 14 Peaks: Its not just Rolex!

Welcome to this Everest sized special post from Makalu-minating watches where we fall deep into the crevasse of mountaineering watches where precision...

Chronotriggered destroys watches鈥 #1

Me again (and cue most of you switching tabs鈥 you know who you are 馃槈). So, I caught a program on Channel 4 earlier this week called 鈥淛immy Carr Destroys Art鈥, an interesting concept by which the produ...

On the matter of Bremont....

Bremont evoke a wide range of reactions. I have two of them, for very different reasons. I have the Bamford S500, becasue I'm a Bamford fanboy and I l...