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ezpzCA ·

Watch Collecting Profiles?

https://youtu.be/fJHICWjIv8Q Teddy Baldassare’s latest video is part of a series in which he recommends watches to various “types” of collectors withi...
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ezpzCA ·

Question about the Sugess Moonphase

Does anyone know what this Sugess is supposed to be a homage of? (Column Wheel Chrono FTW!)
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ezpzCA ·

The Ingenuity of Knockoff Watches

I finally figured out why there is a Chinese knock-off brand called OLEVS… (see Amazon) It is because if you set the time to something like 10:10, the...
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ezpzCA commented on Watch Collecting Profiles? ·

 I’m a check the boxes guy too. The problem is we can always come up with a new box! 😂

ezpzCA commented on Watch Collecting Profiles? ·

Good points! I agree that they are good suggestions to get started.

ezpzCA commented on Question about the Sugess Moonphase ·


ezpzCA commented on Question about the Sugess Moonphase ·


ezpzCA commented on Debut Post ·

Welcome to the WC! 🤣

ezpzCA commented on Travelling with a vintage watch ·

Let’s see a picture of the Cosmic!

ezpzCA commented on New to Watchcrunch ·

Welcome! I’m pretty new myself!

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ezpzCA ·

The Case for Minimalism

I’ve often wondered where the line is between minimalist and lazy in watch design. Pedigree, Price, and Materials aside, what makes one dial layout “c...
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ezpzCA ·

The Battle of the Timers: Chronograph VS. Rotating Bezel

Which do you prefer between a watch with a chronograph and a rotating bezel for measuring elasped-time (e.g. a diving or countdown bezel)? Which method of timing do you find more useful on a day-to-da...
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ezpzCA ·

The Omega That Got Away

I’m a new Watch Cruncher—very happy to have found this quality platform to enjoy the hobby with fellow enthusiasts. WatchCrunch seems to me to be a mo...
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ezpzCA ·

Burning Question: What’s the deal with bad lume?

I don’t understand why all watches that have lume don’t have better lume. Sometimes people say it is because applying less lume is a cost-cutting meas...
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ezpzCA ·

What is your mission on Earth?

From the Swatch store in Salzburg, Austria.
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ezpzCA ·

The Little Explorer

The 36mm is not too small!
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ezpzCA ·

HELP! Problem with Longines Master Collection Power Reserve

Hello WC gang, I have a Longines Master Collection PR that looks great and keeps great time, but lately I’ve noticed something that is wrong with the...
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