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☀️ Strap for Summer ☀️

What’s your favourite strap/bracelet choice for the summer? Let’s see your fav summer combos!

All in the Details

Say what you will about the Bond Seamaster Diver 300M’s over design (e.g. skeletonized hands, scalloped bezel, wave dial, He escape valve, crazy brace...

“Bulletproof” Movements

Can someone please explain what a “bulletproof” movement refers to? I’ve owned 30+ mechanical watches in a span of about 5 years ranging from budget t...

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ezpzCA commented on Does Omega have an identity crisis? ·

I wear Omega and drive an Acura. 🤣

ezpzCA commented on 18hours of wating and 340quid later😭 ·

Do a review! (please)

ezpzCA commented on First Post ·

Welcome to WC, Eric!

ezpzCA commented on I made a ghetto James Bond 60th Seamaster - does it work? ·


ezpzCA commented on I made a ghetto James Bond 60th Seamaster - does it work? ·

Can you please share or pm me where you got your Milanese bracelet?? I’m a fan!

ezpzCA commented on One watch collection ·

Congrats, man!

ezpzCA commented on Marketing or genuine? ·

They are all genuine. Maybe you mean necessary or unnecessary?

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Watches and Lifestyles

Does anyone else struggle with matching their watch to their lifestyle? I wouldn’t claim to be wealthy, but I do come from a HK culture where spending...

Skeleton Hands - Yay or nay?

The skeleton hands on the SMP 300M are somewhat polarising but I reckon they look alright, especially when the light hits it just so! There is even lume on the skeletonized hands. What’s your opinion...

How important is magnetic resistance to you when considering a watch?

Magnetism…it’s all around us, and you sometimes hear stories of people needing to demagnetise their watches, but I am curious about how often it actually happens. How important is magnetic resistance...

Sapphire vs Mineral Crystals

Assuming neither are scratched, can you visually tell the difference between a watch with a sapphire crystal and one with a mineral or “hardlex” crystal? Maybe I am merely confirming what I want to be...


What watch do you reach for in the summer? ☀ This is my Omega Seamaster 2531.80. It’s a good summer watch for me because it is both stylish and rugged...

Revenge Power

The Revenge Power of my watch is based on manual winding. Brutal! Mwahahahah.

Tudor Oyster Air Tiger

Quirky vintage dress watch. Traded a Longines Master Collection for it.