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My attempt at answering "why are you obsessed with watches?"

Made a short video with my grandfather's 1962 Omega Constellation De Luxe juxtaposed to my modern De Ville Prestige. Giving my answer to the age old q...
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justimeout commented on Rise of the Deinfluencer ·

Interesting. I'm all for consuming less and creating less waste. I've been shopping around for more second hand watches these past few years. I think a "de-influencer" is a great idea.

I also think it's a tough sell in this community. A large part of the watch industry runs on people buying the newest and latest. I mean, even the micro-tournament on here is to get new brands seen, influencing people to buy more and move units. A "de-influencer" would hurt the bottom line.

I also feel like watch enthusiasts would get very defensive, and rightfully so. We're a bit invested in the watches we buy, and having someone roast them would be a little insulting.

Would a middle ground be someone that "de-influences" consumers to buy new watches, and instead "influences" them to buy used/vintage/second-hand watches?

justimeout commented on I Bought an Indian Watch on eBay. ·

Cool find! I love tinkering with these cheapo watches. I don't feel so bad when I over oil the movement or get a speck of dust on the dial. And I love them that much more knowing I worked on them and that there's a bit of my personality in the watch.

justimeout commented on Building a Beater Collection Pt 6 ·

This is like a Speedmaster Racing x Navitimer for a fraction of the price. Worth every penny indeed!

Great series, would love to see a shot of the whole collection at the end

justimeout commented on I have a problem ·

I'm there with you brother. I've been a Apple watch denier for years. But I'm training for a marathon and picked one up on black Friday this past November for $250.

I've turned off most of the alerts/notifications and use it mostly for tracking my resting heart rate, heart rate during activities, running pace, and VO2 Max.

I can't deny it anymore, it's very interesting. My resting heart rate has gone down quite a bit since starting my training, my VO2 max is improving, and checking my pace is doing wonders for my running improvement.

I'm doing a overseas trip in May, and I'm really considering taking the Apple Watch instead of my usual mechanicals. Knowing when my heart rate deviates and knowing when to calm/slow down on a trip would be really useful to being present and prepared.

I picked up some adapter/lugs on Amazon, and paired a Horween leather strap with it. And I've tried double fisting but I looked and felt like a moron. I kinda wish they made one that was a little more discreet.

Anyways, I'm not going to drop the mechanical. For date nights, special events, ceremonies, few meetings, I'd still elect for the old fashioned. But for day to day, I've been reaching for the Apple watch more and more.

justimeout commented on This is madness! ·

This is more like the bar.

justimeout commented on Bites: Are you the ULTIMATE watch collecting villain? ·

Made my day! Another thoughtful and insightful look into the world of watch collecting.

justimeout commented on Aaaalrighty, let's discuss a vintage inspired watches yet again ·

The Omega De Ville Prestige for me. Vintage Seamaster design language, Don Draper vibes. Looks good with jeans and t-shirt, pairs well with a suit. Can be had second hand for under $2k. Just made a YouTube video about mine.