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Fashion brand watch

My only "fashion brand" watch. I actually really like it. Great size and movement, and the price was ridiculous at £50 . Can you guess the clothing br...

Pink/salmon dials

I do love a pink/salmon dial but find it rather hard to find a good strap to match the dial colour. Please can you show your pink/salmon dialled watch...

Watch books

As if I haven't already got enough hobbies, I think I've started another one with watch books and catalogues 😉

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commented on Yes or no? ·

Love this watch 👌🏻

commented on NATO ·

Looks sharp 👌🏻

commented on Any Strap Recommendations for 21mm? ·

Try the Barton Elite straps if you like rubber, they do 21mm 👍🏻

commented on shahrie's WRUW ·

Beautiful, what strap is this?

commented on An Airman for Flieger Friday ·

I dropped my Speedmaster on my tiled kitchen floor last year and broke it......that's my horror story

commented on Hamilton khaki field mechanical VS automatic ·

Have both, love both, but if I had to pick one it would be the automatic 👊🏻👌🏻👍🏻

commented on Love dressing up with the 5303 ·

That is one sharp looking watch 👌🏻👍🏻👊🏻

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Is the white strap too much

Bought this white strap for my Marathon GSAR. Is it too much white?

My favourite Gshock

This is my favourite Gshock ,it ticks all the boxes for me, 1 not too big 2 tough solar 3 mb6. What's everyone's favourite Gshock and why?


This is my late grandfather's Blumus wrist watch, 33mm case, 38mm lug to lug and 4mm thick without the crystal. And its hand winding mechanical moveme...

What’s your favourite style of watch?

What’s everyone’s preference when it comes to watches? I.e diver, dress or any thing else?

How the other half live, when owning a high brand watch

Was talking to a customer today and noticed he was wearing a Richard Mille watch, on giving him compliments on said watch we got talking and he said h...

Casio lf20-w

1st purchase of 2024, a little casio beater for work. Its so light i forget its on my wrist.