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Take that COSC!!
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Timex/Todd Snyder

I'm a big Timex fan,mostly due to the fact that it's the brand that started me in this madness nearly 60 years ago. I get a kick out of the nostalgia...
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Just announced!! Casio/ Audemars Piguet collaboration.

I'm told it will be called the CasiOak. Huge news!! HUGE!! First 100 purchased will get a matching trash bin!!
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foghorn commented on Keep Automatic Watch Winded?

I let mind rest and catch their breath 馃榾

foghorn commented on Hey Certina fans. Here's the new DS+ Customisable Watch!

Years ago Invicta had a watch called the I-36 that allowed 36 variations in a kit including 2 cases and movements ( one quartz chrono and one auto 3-hand) interchangeable bezels and straps. Also a tool-less swap.

foghorn commented on CWoW Budget edition

My wrist is freezing!!

foghorn commented on Now I can keep time and tell the time (but not at the same time)

Different but , like many complications, somewhat useless.聽

Can't wear it while playing because you can't see it and surely can't hear it while playing.

I'll stick with Seth Thomas, Wittner, or Korg.

foghorn commented on What is in the box?

20mm spring bar.

foghorn commented on Vintage collectors advice/help

You might want to skip this one.

foghorn commented on Hello Guys When Im browsing amazon

The Tissot is 300 bucks cheaper at Jomashop.

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Break out the bell bottoms

With my recent purchase of an Armitron Griffy I have gone into full geek mode. I'm old enough to remember when these watches weren't geeky at all, the...
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Kuoe Watch - Kyoto

Just in. Kuoe Old Smith 90-002. Great military style watch . Period correct sized at 35mm. Screw down crown. 100 m water resistant. Domed mineral crys...
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WRUW Sunday 1/16/22

SARB035 for a full day of football.
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This just in.....

Pre ordered in early December. Arrived yesterday. RZE Fortitude in Turbo Teal. This is my second watch from RZE and I'm really impressed with this mic...
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The perfect watch for retirees

Just right for life with no agenda, when there is no early or late, and when someone asks the time the answer always ends in "ish"
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wruw 1/12/22

Limes today for me
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Takes a lickin'. Any Timex out there?

Timex is to blame for my 50+ year old obsession with watches. I have a few to this day. I wish I still had some of my first Timex-purchased straight f...
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