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If it wuz a zomboid Aporklips wut direkshun wood you go with only one WarTch???

15 votes

Wut iz you're faverit shaype case for a ristwartch

80 votes

Yes or No

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commented on NWA - The Dread Seiko Cyclops

Baseball gloves and good leather boots are notoriously stiff before breaking in.

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Perfect for me would be to be more period correct to the original B-uhr style watches. I wouldn't expect 50 plus mm but this Hamilton would be perfect at 44 mm with no day/date.

commented on Watchexchange - Good or Bad

Reddit is one of the few places I've never bought from. I joined a few years ago but , to me , the place is a hot mess and I gave up trying to figure it out long ago.

commented on What watch did you buy not realizing you'd LOVE it.

I expect to love every watch I buy.

It might not always work out that way but it's always my initial expectation.

commented on Bourbon time!

I'm a fan of RZE but the bourbon would be better without the chicken nugget in it馃檮

commented on Omega

Nope.Never intentionally. With short sleeves it's inevitable but that's about it.

commented on What is your favorite looking watch dial from your collection? Mine is the 30th anniversary limited edition Seiko SPLO55P1. It's 40mm, I love the details. How about you?

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Off watch topic.

Has anyone else noticed an unusual uptick of the use of the archaic word "whilst" in a lot of posts in the past year or so? Do people really use this...

I caved

Although there is a glaring fault with my recenly arrived Spaghetti Scameti I'm gonna keep it anyway.

Since the World Series starts today.....

I'll be wearing this 1990's Hamilton reproduction of the Piping Rock model given to the NY Yankees for being the 1928 champs. True to the original at...

WTF is all this "Journey" crap???

I've had watches since the early 60's and never been on a journey. WTF is up with all this "journey " stuff?? They're watches plain and simple and you...

Happy Thanksgiving