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Birthday gift to myself

It's my special day. And, as it's unlikely anyone else will be gifting me anything other than a card, I splurged a bit. I have been wanting to learn w...

Sunset approaches.

Waiting by the grill.

NWA Sea-Gull 51

Arrived today. It's smaller than my others watches at 38 mm. The case is rose gold and the dial somewhere between silver and champagne. The hands are...

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commented on Who else has this issue

None at all. Good on you.

commented on Watches and Wonders

The black and burgundy just oozes class

commented on Current Collection so far (April 2024)

Yes, check my pics. Note: the armitron label wore off.

commented on Who else has this issue

Sounds like your hunting for a badge?

commented on Funny Tuesday

It might be even better with a 39 mm?

commented on Current Collection so far (April 2024)

I hope you have good luck with the armitron. Mine is going strong after 40 years.

commented on Stronger together!

Great start. Perhaps a stock photo of the watch? McQueen wearing it? I am curious about your statement that this was one of the first automatic chronographs. Perhaps some dates of others might support the assertion?

Also, it might be helpful to relate this endorsement with other cinematic endorsements. My knowledge is limited but prior to James bond there were very few actors being tied with a brand. Certainly Paul Newman but which came first?

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Highlight of my day

It's 2 darn early o'clock in the am as I post this. Why am I awake? Oh yeah I promised I would take a friend to the airport for an early flight. I am...

Review of the Berny Calatrava homage is a can't miss value

I had been stalking this watch for a while before I bought it at the recent 11/11 aliexpress sale. In full truth, I made an error when I ordered as I...

Berny Am210M-BN-C

4.0 Avg. Score

Last delivery from the November sale

The price was too good to resist.a review will follow in due time.

Berny AM 210M-BN -C PT5000

Off my wrist briefly for a crystal polish. This was acquired at the 11/11 sale. A review will follow shortly.

Anyone know about this company? Bisonstrap?

I am looking at some straps and I came across this company on amazon. I see they are on Ali-express and they have a website as well. I am curious to l...

A perfectly good idea gets washed out

I Had the perfect plan. I would get an amazing photo of my favorite watch during a solar eclipse! How epic would that be? True. The eclipse would only...