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Mido decompression

All monitors are off😉The Market rebound all is good. MIDO to start the weekend with Brick House MADURO Robusto 5/54 and stirred Gin Martini. Cheers🍸...

Watch pairing

Here’s the question Crunchers😉every hobby comes with pairing. Single Malt with 60% chocolate others Bourbon with a great BBQ/steak. The question is w...

Rolex & Bucherer

Will Rolex acquisition of Bucherer affect the grey market dealer? And finally serve real watch enthusiasts😉

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That watch my friend….ummmm👍

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One Watch Collection. Period👍

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Gorgeous 👍

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Thank you🤝

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Thankbyou friend👍

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Thank you my friend. In moderation is always good👍

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You too my friend. Thank you🙏🏻

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Watch Snob

What is your perfect definition of a Watch Snob? The term alone bothers me😉When people are more interested in telling me how much the price of his wa...

What about Seiko😉

Does the Suisses learn their lesson that happened during the Quartz crisis? And what about the proliferation of independent & Micros? And my feeli...

Who’s in to watches⏱️

I am pretty sure that most enthusiasts we sometimes check what a woman or man is wearing no matter what occasions. Subway, Restaurant or just enjoying...

Busy dial😵

Hello Fam😉We all have our own interpretations of a busy dial. I’d like to know. What do you have in your collections that has a busy dial but can’t l...

Panda. What is a Panda?

Feels like a Speedmaster Panda Autho kind of Saturday but is it a Panda Fam?

Is the Omega Ruduced a real Speedy?

To me regardless of the some comments I read online saying that the Reduced is not a real Speedy. And I agree it is not the watch that went to the moo...