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Beautiful Day 🌞

It's nice to finally be outside playing with the kiddos! They pretend the back of my truck is an ice cream shop.

It's hard to pick one sometimes.

Yeah that was a bad pun. I do spend way too much time trying to pick out my watch for the day. The weekends are even worse. I end up going through my...

Wristy 60 today!

I can't believe I did something for 60 days straight.

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commented on Dirty Dozens Championship Round 1 Day 3 🪖 IWC vs Eterna !! ·

Eterna because of the screw down case back and the extra mm in case size.

commented on What straps for the speedy ·

Check out @drcarter13 for some ideas. He is a man of many straps for his Speedy.

commented on jcwatch's WRUW ·

Beautiful! Such a clean look to this one 👍

commented on alejandro64's WRUW ·

As you should. That's a killer Citizen! 👍

commented on ralland's WRUW ·

I always thought of it as just a casual watch but someone on WC called it a flieger so I've just gone with it. I'm going to change out the hands at some point. It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks it is after I do that.

commented on ralland's WRUW ·

Thanks Tony! It's one of my favorites in the collection.

commented on TacoTimeTony's WRUW ·

Ok Tony. You win all the cool guy style points for today. 🔥🔥🔥

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Dive bezels

Timing pizza rolls is about the only thing I need a dive bezel for. 🤣

Just noticed this!

I've been wearing this watch quite a bit but I just noticed the 2 o'clock marker is barely hanging on. 🤣 I took a look back at all the pictures and i...

Old car, beers, watches and my bro

Helping my bro @gnjesse with his sh*tbox. Got some beers, loud music, and watches. Life is good.

🚨NWA🚨 I'm keeping it!

This Addiesdive BB Pro copy was very close to being returned but why not have another watch? Right? Check out my previous posts for some background on...

The correct watch this time!

A couple days ago I made a post about receiving the wrong Addiesdive watch. Well I ordered it again and Amazon got it right this time. This is the whi...

Not what I ordered but...

So I decided that I wanted to try a 36mm watch but did not want to spend a lot. I found this Addiesdive on Amazon for $63 after a 20% discount. Seems...