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Hand-me-down watch

I forgot to post about this until I was reminded about it by @casiodean ‘s Sekonda post (by the way, I can corroborate what he says about getting one...

Me & My Wife Wrist Shot

Rare night out with my wife, she is rocking her dad’s 1990s OP Date, I have the early Christmas present Ventura from her

Early Christmas Present

Not totally new, it arrived quite a few weeks ago and I had a sneak preview then but it’s not been worn before tonight. It’s a Christmas present from...

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Same here in the UK, prices seem about equivalent to secondary prices here. Spotted a no date sub there for equivalent of £11400, over 40% over retail price and almost exactly what a well known secondary retailer has a brand new unworn one listed for here right now, but average costs are more like £9-10k. I would also need to pay an additional £3000 in duty and VAT for the pleasure of bringing it back into the UK, which of course I would pay and in no way be tempted to walk through the Nothing to Declare channel!😜

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I live in Scotland but not around that time unfortunately

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Have you got a sore throat, because you’re a little horse

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My wife bought a watch from there for me before Christmas just gone. No issues, gave a discount, we were happy. They are a legitimate company based in Derbyshire with proper premises. That said, I’ve heard not so good things too, Scottish Watches podcast were following issues customers were having earlier last year, seemed mainly to be watches marked as in stock were not, people paying for next day delivery and not getting there watches for lengthy periods, which isn’t great.

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commented on Explorer’s heart (Faux Patina And The Commodification Of Experience) ·

It all feels moot when we think that automatic mechanical watches are a century old and have been obsolete for fifty years. The fact we still wear them is heavily due to the marketing which largely focusses on “luxury” or nostalgia, or a combination of both.

I don’t mind the off white markers; on a nice new shiny dial and case I can’t see it as masquerading as a real aged product any more than someone wearing distressed denim looks like they are wearing ancient jeans. I wouldn’t care for attempts to add patina to dials and cases, but then I don’t like decrepit looking genuine vintage watches either. If they belonged to someone significant to me, that’s ok because it’s something connected to them. But some stranger’s old watch? Not for me. They could have been doing some terrible, unspeakable things whilst their watch was acquiring its patina, (now that is overthinking!)

commented on They said Grade A replicas ·

I like the day/date/24hr subdials 😂

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