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marc15ryan ·

The watch that got me into watches

So for my first post, I wanted to share my first mechanical watch. This watch for me is something special. I didn't know a lot about watches in genere...
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64spoons ·

Fossil - Neutra Chronograph - Review

Prelude: Last week I reviewed the Stauer “Daily Chronograph” and this week it’s a Fossil Chronograph. Why doesn’t he review something good, you may be...

Fossil Neutra Chronograph

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Agh001 ·

Since today’s the release of the latest Pokemon games

I picked up this fossil x Pokemon watch when it released while back. Though the day the Pokémon scarlet and violet dropped was a good day to ware it.
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Human_Probably ·

Don’t hate me, I got a smart watch!

Ok, so, this was a bit of a spontaneous buy… I asked my brother about a watch he used to have, he said he thinks it was a “fossil” so I went to their...
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JustinPHX ·

Poor Service Experience = Falling Out of Love with my Watch

Hi Friends - Have you ever had a bad service or boutique experience that has soured your impression of your watch? I recently did and am now thinking...
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Unholy ·

Fossil watch ring?

accidentally stumbled across my ig page. i mean this is weird and unique at the same time 😂😂. i just thought it is a ring that looks like a watch. and...
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DariusII ·

Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave?

When the time comes I am dropped into a plywood coffin and penny-nailed shut, I hope to be wearing my nicest JC Penney suit, shiny Florsheim slip-ons…...
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DariusII ·

Is a secondhand a must for a pretty watch? What's your take?

Like you, I believe a watch a necessary component of my daily life. It tells time, hugs the wrist like a little hitchhiker, is a tiny machine powered...
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mongutie ·

My first watch 💕

The watch that got me in watch collecting ⌚💕
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Fossil grant automatic ME3101

I got this Fossil watch for my 18th birthday 3 years ago. I replaced the leather strap at it began to break. This watch has a Miyota 8N24 in it.
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